Sunday, April 27

10 Tips To Inspire Others

If you didn't catch part one which was for everyone please feel free to go read that first then come back here. In this post, I am going to give my top tips for inspiring others with your blog.

1. Presentation is everything.

If you want to write an inspiring post, you need to prepare for this. Do your research, capture your thoughts, then spend a little time making sure that your post looks as good as it possibly can. Think about how you want your post to sit. The positioning of your words can change the entire tone of your post. Make sure you have appropriate images and links.

2. Don't forget the little guy.

Sometimes the smaller blogs have the best gems to help ignite great ideas.  Just because a blogger doesn't have a massive following doesn't mean they have no idea what they are doing. I know of several really good bloggers that have not long started writing their blogs, but their passion and ability to eloquently get their point across in their posts just hints at the fact these people have the potential to go far if they put the work in and play their cards right.

3. The little things matter.

Be it grammar or spelling, commenting on another person's blog posts, sharing a video via social media, these seemingly small things can make a big difference. Don't think that just because you think the thing you are doing to inspire someone else is small, that they will think the same. We have no control over how someone reacts to something we say or do, be it good or bad so living in fear of people's reactions really isn't going to help you in your quest to inspire, or indeed in life.

4. Know your audience.

Where are they?

How old are they?

When are they most likely to see your post?

How long would they want your post to be? 

In what format?

There may well be more questions, but this is an individual thing so please have a little think about it and spend some time answering those questions in the perpetration time of your post. All of these things will be factors in the final wording and execution of your act of inspiration.

5 Have fun with it.

Inspiring others a really rewarding activity in itself, but if you don't enjoy writing inspiring posts then don't.  Enjoying your work really will shine through your article and as I've touched on before, it's important to be comfortable so that your readers are more likely to also be comfortable and thus hear what you have to say.

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