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Don't Chase The Rabbit - The Rabbit Hole Part 2

Here is the notes, on the video I ramble allot about things you may find interesting, but are not really on point, so I didn't write word

for word what is in the video, I just wrote what is on point to this topic.
 ( see this is why I don't like being in videos)
Today I am going to use this video to address Christians primarily, if
you want to watch this and your not a christian that's fine but the reason I'm saying that is because
this is going to deal with the rabbit hole of the end times and conspiracy, and those two seem to go hand in hand.
Just to give a motive for what I'm doing this is because people are not living the abundant life that Jesus came to give,
as Ive said this is from a christian view point so i am going to be in the bible, although I will try to keep this as simple as possible.  When your looking at the rabbit hole of the end times as a Christian we go straight to the bible.  One more thing I know there are allot of end time theories but I'm focusing on Christian right now because there is allot of propaganda around the red blood moon theory and how that relates to Christian end time theology. Not going to go into that here. You are entitled to believe what you want to believe but this is going to come from a Christian view point as its the most current. 

From here on in I am going to give the scripture reference but not the actual verse because I don't want to make it too easy for you, if you want to check what I am saying is true then you will have to pick up your bible ( or google it) 

 So in the bible John 10:10 -11
Jesus is speaking, he is the good shepherd, so the thief is Satan or the devil and he comes to do three things steal, kill and destroy.
Lets unpack this in relation to the end times.(his is all based on personal experience and scripture)
Steal what? Your peace, from experience, I got caught up in the end times conspiracy thing about a year ago now, this is what Ive noticed, there is allot of fear around it. What happens people start to look at what is going on in the world, the opinions of people conspiracy and end times and then stop living.  They stop planning for the future, because they believe they have no future because of all that
is going on in the world. Life becomes very much about living in the moment but in a negative way and because you have lost your peace, Satan can then kill your hope. When your hope dies it leads to despair  and when you despair, you start to doubt your faith.

Lets now take a look at scripture to back this up.  Issiah 26 V3 if you are caught up in this rabbit hole your eyes are not on God.  If you ask yourself where your eyes areright now, then if you are in this rabbit hole chances are your eyes are on conspiracy, the news, what is going on in the world, leaning toward the opinion of great men, that have theories and Revelations about a variety of topics to do with the end times. and you will have very little fruit because fruit comes  from having faith in Jesus and of course the Holy Spirit, but
if you are operating in fear which is what happens when you have no peace, then you can not operate in faith and your not going to grow very much because you can't. You are effectively stuck. You can't have peace unless your eyes are on God. So if your eyes are not on God, that then gives the devil
the chance to kill your hope.  It is possible if you loose your hope to feel like there is no point in even being alive, or for that matter doing anything. Despair is a down word spiral that comes from lack of hope.  Lets go see what the bible says Pslam 71V5-6 Jesus is are hope, if your eyes are not on God
then you will loose your hope. That then opens the door for the devil to destroy your faith.  Why? Let's go back to the bible again  Ephesians 6 V16 Satan wants to destroy your faith so that he can destroy you.  Satan seeks to destroy you because you are so precious to God and He has such an awesome plan for your life, but if your faith has been battered, your not going to believe that God has good things in store for you, that  He loves you and that you can have an abundant life. Satan wants to destroy you but God is greater then Satan! ( greater is he who is in you then he that is in the world - )

So lets tie this all up,

The rabbit hole of the end times and conspiracies is endless if you choose to stay in it, if you wanna get out of it as a Christian we go to the word of God, the bible. We should be more bothered by what it has to say then
what people have to say on anything, not just this because the word of God is truth, opinions of man, or woman can be wrong because it is apart of human nature to be wrong sometimes. On that note, don't just take
even me at my word on this, do your own bible study, but do it prayerfully and don't dwell on it for too long. Going back to John 10:10 Jesus came to give us abundant life and if you are focusing on end times and conspiracy
and you are caught up in this rabbit hole, as described in this post and video, then your not really living. the abundant life Jesus came to give us. Jesus didn't die for you to exist, he died for you to live.

Let that sink in, then let's finish this up with one final scripture and parting thought. Philippians 4 V 11  So as Paul says he we are to be content in all things. Whether it is end times or not and no matter what season of
life you are in, remember it is only a season and seasons change. There are so many more positive things to study in the bible or focus on, you could be focusing on God's love, what he has to say about you and his amazing grace rather then focusing on the end times which in my opinion is the spiritual equivalent of a greasy beef burger if taken to the extremes of falling into the rabbit hole, it's not good for you and God has more to life for you then that.  

The bible is allot more then just the end times and there is more to life then just focusing on that.  So to finish this rabbit hole can be a bottomless pit, but maybe this blog post is the rope dangling just above you to help you get out, but the choice is in your hands.  If you do choose to get out of it, give to God, don't feel guilty about it as that is what Satan will try to make you feel, but Jesus died for us knowing what we would get into and He died anyway  and he loves us anyway.  Remember Jesus didn't die for you to exist, He died for you to live,there is hope in Him so turn your eyes back to Him, and watch how he turns things around.

Till next time,

Thanks for listening,

Love Hayley


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