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My Secret To Beating Depression ( Here's a clue, Captain America Rocks!!)


It sucks and today I want to talk about it. 

There are plenty of articles out there, by people far more qualified than myself to talk about this topic and as always I recommend listening to the professionals.

What I am about to say is just to help you get up and on with life when you really don't feel like it.(so you have the strength to go talk to the professionals or simply just to do the tasks set for a given day) It comes from experience and it's so simple it's super easy to overlook it when trying to get up when you have Jet (my name for depression) and his friends sitting on your head.

So what is my super amazing simple little tip?

When you're feeling depressed, walk it off.

Now to explain what I mean we have to go visit the world of Marvel for a moment.

No spoilers I promise, but in The Avengers Age of Ultron, Captain America says if you die, walk it off

I love Cap, especially Chris Even's version of him  ( insert Hayley's ramble about how awesome cap is here I deleted it for sake of time)  but I am going off point here.

Anyway, the advice to walk it off was to do with something completely different in the movie ( seriously go see it if you haven't you're in for a treat!) but it's also great advice when talking about depression or indeed mental illness in general. 

Depression can feel like a living death, so for me, this line just hit home in terms of fighting depression.  

So let's rephrase that.

If you're depressed and feeling half dead or maybe even want to be, walk it off - Hayley Esther 

Let's unpack this...

Lambi' Takes Jet (The name Hayley Esther gives to her depression episodes)For A Walk And Feels Much Better.
When it comes to depression what do I mean by walk it off?

Well, basically depression zaps your energy and makes you really not feel like doing anything at all, so if you have any hope of battling your depression...


It won't happen straight away, and yes that jolt in the system may feel like you may as well be climbing Mount Everest, everything is so much harder when you are depressed, but just remember just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's impossible.

In past depressions my go-to position has always been straight under the covers in my bed, I want to hide from the world and I don't want to come out.

One time, I was feeling depressed, I went to go for my bed but misjudged the distance between me and it and fell straight on to the floor on my face. 

This little shock to my system made me want to get up and go tell a family member what happened, as a result, I ended up having a coffee with a family member instead of hiding in my bed.

I am NOT condoning hurting yourself on purpose, it is never a good idea and like I say this was an accident, but the shock to my system did give me a moment of clarity to make an informed decision about what I was going to do next.

Another time, I was feeling depressed and again I went straight for my bed, but moments after I had pulled the covers over my head, I remembered the incident I just told you about and so I decided to experiment with this jolt thing. I knew there was a glass of water sitting on my bedside table so I decided to grab it quickly and pour it over my head.

What possessed me I will never know but...




.........and quick before I had time to think,

I grabbed the glass and soaked myself and the bed with this cold water. What I had forgotten was that my window was open so the moment that the water hit my skin, the cold wind outside contributed to this jolt, it was freezing! 

It was hard, I had to talk myself into doing it but it certainly woke me up!

Again I found myself with a moment of clarity while I cleaned myself up ( hey I'm not staying cold and wet, depression or no depression!) 

I couldn't go lay on my bed again because it was still wet, so that forced me to get up and go downstairs and start making dinner.

I learned an important lesson that day, just because you feel depressed doesn't mean you are depressed. 

There is a massive difference and the jolt really can help to find out for yourself if your depression is real or just emotional.

For those of us that suffer from depression, we can often time mistake feeling down for being depressed. 

It can be hard to tell the difference and this little jolt trick really helps you work out if this is just a passing feeling or you are actually going into another depression. At least it does for me.

There have been times where after using this jolt trick I just turned over and went back to hide, but that's how I knew my depression was real and not just emotional. 

Sometimes you will find yourself woken up and have a moment of clarity long enough to snap yourself out of it and back on to the task at hand, other times you won't but what you will know both times is how your depression actually is.

You have to treat emotional depression and chemical depression a little differently. Chemical depression needs professional guidance and helps a lot of the time, emotional depression needs human connection a lot of the time. Just observations, it may be different for you but for me, this is certainly the case.

Another thing I've noticed is real depression nearly always starts as emotional depression and if you can snap yourself out of it in that early stage, you are far less likely to go on the downward spiral to Jet (black depression) land.

An excellent way to do this is walk if off, literally. 

Go outside and walk around your garden or street if you don't feel up to going too far. 

Walking has many benefits but for those of us that suffer from depression it can be a great way to let the cobwebs out of your ears and the crazy talk in your head ( don't worry it's not just you) can get lost to the wind.

Please don't just take my word for it, I'm just sharing some observations from my own life, but I do hope this helps. I am going to release a resource list to beat depression soon. If you have any tips or tricks you find helpful please let me know below.

Take care and have an awesome day!

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My Secret To Beating Depression