Thursday, November 1

Why I am Done Writing About Faith (and the New direction of Daisy Change)

Note for those that know me personally, I am NOT depressed, this is the right decision for me, my awesome readers and allows me to be authentic moving forward.

Okay guys, let me start by saying this is gonna be pretty rough. I am not going to do much editing on this, other than spelling and grammar, so please come into reading this post with the intention of finding the diamonds in the rough, because I promise you, they are there.

Okay that's out the way now I have to give you some background because otherwise this isn't gonna make any sense whatsoever.

Over the years, Daisy Change has changed a lot, I have gone from writing about faith based content, to writing about personal development, then I took on the challenge of writing more business and artistic content. It has been a one heck of a journey to get to this point.

However, this year has pretty much sucked.

I am gonna employ an old technique I used to use here of sharing why without boring you so instead of giving you a long story to read, I am gonna sum up my year in just a few statements.

God only helps those that help themselves. Partnership baby. Fairy tales are not forever. Growth exists outside of our comfort zones, but there are limits. The black dog, Jet likes to play dress up. Unique not uniform, but uniform sometimes. Break time. Friendship Is Magic, Music is my Mayhem and my manna! Focus! Authentic Autumn and here we are.

Okay that about sums up my year, and the past of Daisy Change up till now, so let me just dive right into what I want to share with you.

Back in April I said I needed to take a break, and I then there were crickets....

Then in  August of this year,I started to put faith based content out again. You see I was frustrated with the tiny little box I had created for myself, and with everything else going on in my life at the time, I came to a place where I really really HATED my blog!

I did what any business savvy individual would do, I went back to the books and looked at my stats and examined when I was most happy putting content out....and then I attempted to recapture the magic.

This did not work.

I put out a bunch of faith based posts between August and now, I don't like to make a habit of it, but these posts are now gone because they were making me feel too vulnerable, and hate this blog even more. My faith in God is a huge part of my life, but writing about it, well honestly it just made me feel fragmented on the inside.  This spilled over into other areas of my life, and before I knew it I was in a mess financially, had no energy and felt extremely lost. I had what I am deeming a Mid blog-life crisis.

Up-on realizing that the magic was gone from those former days, I thought maybe I should try something new, but you guys never got to see what I was going to post because even-though I loved the new things, I just didn't feel they would be of use to you, so I didn't end up posting them.

Now I want to get this blog back on track, because right now it feels like Lambi is wondering in a desert she never should have ventured into.

I may well explain more about how I broke out of the struggles I've had with this blog as of late, but for now I feel like I have made my point.

So then Moving swiftly on,

What can you expect to see here in the future?

Well, one thing that has come to light through all of the struggles this year, is that I really dig leading a life of joy and teaching techniques to bring more of into your life and business.  I want to split the content of this blog 50/50 between teaching joy and exhibiting it.

What does that look like?

Well we are called Daisy Change....expect to have a variety of posts about topics that are tied together by the fact they are all based on living a joyful life that is full of love, fulfillment and passion.

We intend to do collaborations in the future, put out some new resources, and really just show you how to have joy in your artistic business by having joy in ours.

I am not going to delete the pre-crisis faithy posts that are way back in the archive. They were a part of the story, but as from now, if you want faith-based recommendations, then head over to Pintrest where we will continue to recommend others that are killing it in that field, even-though we don't do that content here anymore. Or check out our resources section, (which will be live soon) for links to music, books and tools that may help you in that area.

At the moment, we are re-building this website. Please bare with us, it will be epic I am sure, we just need to put the work in and we won't get it to where we want this site to be overnight. We are still in the desert, because irregardless of the fact venturing here wasn't wise, we still have to keep moving forward to get out of it.

Things are still tough, but we are going to make it to the other-side of this, I have no doubt of that.

The above image is a visual reminder to us to remember to take care of ourselves as we are building this. It's the last faith-based image you will see here, as far as I am aware, it is possible that the odd faith-based post may creep in, in the future but if it does, it will be extremely vetted before posting and likely a once in a blue moon kinda thing. In other words, I really am done posting faith based content because it's not consistent with the mission of our business. 

Normal posting will resume shortly, but first I've got a few more posts I want to put out at random over the next month or so. (I think that cluster posting can be good sometimes, but not for always)

In the mean time you can catch us over on social media.

At the moment, Pintrest is a massive part of our every day life, but we are also on Instagram, Facebook. DevientArt  and Twitter. Hopefully we will see you over on one of those.

Anyways, I think I've about covered it.

If you choose to stick around, catch you next post.

Psst - We are launching a new series!Keep an eye out for  our post announcing it later this week!


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