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10 Awesome Musical Masterpieces To Soothe The Soul (Not Christmasy At All)

Okay before we get rocking and rolling on this one, I have to remind you guys that this is gonna be personal opinion so if you don't dig my tunes, your music sucks! 

That's cool, maybe next post will be more your thing. Catch ya later!

Also these links are all Youtube, obviously we don't own the rights to any of the music/videos posted here, if any of them disappear however I am sure you will be able to find the tracks on your streaming service of choice, based on the info we have given you. Also not therapists here of any kind, this is written from personal experience and is ALL personal opinions. Results may vary. 

Anyways, let's get on with it!!

I happen to love a lot of different genre's of music and my day job involves obscure music so with that in mind, I highly doubt that you are going to know every single track, but if you do please comment me and let me know and we can be music twinzies!😤😎💜

Let's start by dipping our toes into something you may know....

1.Enrique Iglesias - Takin' Back My Love feat. Ciara

My guess is that if you are are looking for music to soothe your soul then you are likely not in a great mood right now. 90% of the time, that is usually due to a relationship of sorts going south, and so Enrique Iglesias got  you covered babe.

Now if you are like me, more of a rock chick/dude then don't worry I've got you covered but I want to ease you guys into my favorite soul care choices because I know they are odd choices, so taking you on a little musical journey is all part of the fun.

Moving on.

2.Framing Hanley- War Zone

Once you have had a good cry at the fact this thing just happened to you, next it's time to get mad!

Now there are a lot of great choices that could go here, but I have a rule of only allowing myself to feel rubbish about my part in whatever just happened for the duration of this song (or songs like it)

3.Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name

Now it's time to get mad at the person/situation in question, for this one it's gotta be Bon Jovi. It can be really good for the soul to get your inner rock star out and sing into a hair brush (or atleast mime the words) and just put all your passion into your performance, even if it is in your own room with the curtains closed. Rock ballads are best for this, in my humble opinion and personally, I've had the best results with this when listening to Bon Jovi.

 4.Dappy-  No Regrets

Now that, that is done, it''s time to reclaim your power. I had to give this a little thought because I was stuck between so many great artists, but I've settled on this one because I think that it is most likely to land with you guys and this post is about helping you so hopefully I made the right call.

Ok now, we are at the point where my choices get a little odd....

5. Dan Balan - Numa Numa 2 (feat. Marley Waters)

Firstly, it's important from time to time to  be reminded that world isn't so drab and grey.

From here..well sometimes going a little quackers can actually be good for small doses ofcourse!

6.Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks 

If going quackers doesn't cut it for you maybe going bananas will....

The point of this track is to give your brain and heart a moment to catch your breath. Being a little silly can actually really help some people (me included) to get the pressure caused by heart pain out of the body using a silly little dance. A favorite show parody can be excellent for this.

Let's get back to earth now shall we?

So let's stop and take note of where we are right now.

 We have cried out the pain, got mad at both ourselves and those involved, reclaimed our power, been reminded of how the world isn't so bad, danced out the remaining stress with silly/beloved songs 

and now we are about ready to really nourish our souls.

So for this we need to first dramatically change the tune...

7.Always Love Nada Surf

Forgiveness may not be popular but it is good for your soul if you can find it in your heart to forgive those that hurt you. I know it's damn hard, and I am not telling you what to do, but if you can find a way to forgive and quit carrying bitterness, your soul is gonna feel a whole lot better for it.

8.Forgiveness" by TobyMac. Featuring Lecrae

Not for everyone, I do get that, but some of you will dig this.

Now to finish off, we need to calm down, because at the end of the day peace is the thing that we need most when we are dealing with soul pain. I hope you enjoy these two beautiful choices. I am not going to type now until the conclusion because I am super conscious of how long this post is getting.

9.Josh Groban – River

10.Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

If all else fails, maybe it's time to call out to a higher power?

If so then reach out.

I strongly believe that personal connection is super important when writing about things that may aid one's soul, so if you want to reach out to me, please do so via social media.

Here's my personal Facebook I'd be happy to take some time to help direct you on to sources that could be helpful if I can't help myself. (Check our Pinterest for great recommendations first if you wish to.)

I think that's it today guys!

Have a good one!

P.s if you like this post, please share it/let us know! We don't normally ask for this but
#FeedbackMakesFabulous so would be awesome to know how we are doing/ can best serve you in future. Thanks in advance! Have a great day now we are really are going, the Jaffa Cake gage is low!