Sunday, March 3

The Meaning Of Life According To Hayley Esther Part 2

 Happiness is not a fruitless quest but happiness is so fleeting! 

Sometimes you just have to write for fun, this is one of those posts 

So what then should we be looking for instead? How does this relate to the meaning of life?

Well firstly, this relates to the meaning of life or at least what I believe the meaning of life to be, because  we are all unique and see things differently. What life means for me, may not be what it means for you and that is okay. I don't think there is just one answer to this question we all have thought about at some point.

That said, generally speaking we all tend to agree that the meaning of life is caught up in what you do and who you do life with, be that other people or a higher power or even yourself. As previously stated we are relational beings. We need each other, which is why loneliness can be one of the worst emotions a human experiences. 

Even if someone were to copy someone else, it would still not be identical. You may think what you have to offer is so small it won't be missed if you don't but that is just flat wrong, you are beautiful even if you don't believe it and you do have something to offer to this world.  Don't write yourself off just yet, you're still here, so you still have time. do something amazing because you can and remember unique is beautiful. 

So maybe your thinking maybe just maybe I might be right but you have no idea how to start on this whole contributing something to the world thing I was on about last post. If that's you then let me just say the answer is far more simple then you may think and in actual fact, if you do this you may well find happiness accidentally. 

This my friend, is the purpose of this blog, so I invite you to come join me on this journey, and learn to love from an unconditional place that still stands for truth, hope, joy and kindness.To chase fulfilment rather than happines and learn the art of becoming the masterpiece! 

You in? 

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