Tuesday, July 16

Fresh Start & Updates!

Firstly, I apologize  for the lack of communication about what has been happening with my blogs. I have been without a stable internet connection for quite some time and so I've been unable to update my blogs. However, should I have problems with my internet in the future, I've found a way around it so I can continue to post regularly. 

Secondly if you have been following me for a while you will know that I've had some issues with sorting out my blogs. I had posts up that were both lacking in grace and far too personal and honestly, I just feel my previous blogs were training ground, I know that I will still be learning but I think I've pretty much found my feet in knowing where my boundaries are, what I will and will not write about and how much I share of my personal life online. 

Finally I am not going to make a habit of posting the exact same piece of writing on all three blogs, but I feel I owe you all an explanation as to what you can expect to see on my blogs and why I have three, rather then keeping all my posts on one page. 

So to start this explanation, the reason I have three blogs is because of the subject matter. 

Beauty From Beneath the Scars deals with some really heavy topics, mostly about pain and encouragement to keep moving forward because there is always, always hope. I am extremely careful with triggers and the first course of action I will always recommend for any given problem is get professional help, but at the same time, sometimes the first step to gaining the confidence to get help is by helping yourself. If your hurting, I hope that reading about the lessons I've learnt from my recovery journey, will inspire you to start your own.

This will be my most regular blog, you can expect to see a new post every Thursday. 

Pandas and Pens, is my writing, any piece of creative writing I hold the copyright to, be in poetry, stories or songs or any other creative project. Also if I have a tips in relation to writing any of the above or the world of writing in general, this is where I would post them.

I'm taking an "as and when" type approach to this blog. If I have something new to share then I will post it. I have no set pattern for this blog at present, the only aim I've set for myself is to get at-least one or two new posts on this blog every month. 

Ducks Say Rarr Now, aims to make you think. I'm not afraid to write about controversial subjects or delve into the world of theories in order to find  the facts. I realize that sometimes, what I have to say may offend, but you can be sure I will always treat every subject matter with a very delicate approach. I will never ever discriminate, regardless of my personal views, in fact if the subject matter is too sensitive I may choose to reserve the right not to share my personal views simply to keep the peace.

This blog will consist mainly of series on a subject matter. During the time I am on a certain series, I will try to keep the posts pretty regular, most likely once a week, but  I have no set pattern for this blog and there may be weeks between series. I value quality over quantity and so research is really important element that I won't rush before posting. I want to write something worth reading, sometimes that takes time. 

I hope that clears things up a bit, if you do want to be kept up to date with new posts, feel free to follow me here Google+, Tumblr or Twitter. Alternatively I've made it possible for you to follow me by e-mail even anonymously if you would prefer. 

Twitter link @pandasandpens  ( Hayley Young) 

Until the next time take it easy! 

Love Hayley 


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