Monday, September 23

The Devil's Tool Box - When The Tools Work Together Part 2

How I Got Free                                                                       

I don't think I would have ever gotten free if I hadn't gone on holiday for a few days. It was only when I was not able to have access to anything relating to end times or conspiracies because the people I was with would just not allow it and I had made a decision that I was miserable and surely the rest of the world won't mind if I take a break from this stuff for a while and have some fun. 

After I had been on holiday for a few days, my mind started to clear and finally my closest family and friends were able to talk to me about the damage the obsession was doing to me and causing and I actually listened.

Prior to this I wouldn't listen because one of the things you get taught in the " truth movement" is that people are blind and just want you to be like a dumb sheep just like them because they are too chicken and selfish to open their eyes. In actual fact, the arrogance in such a statement embodies the essence of the very thing that got the devil thrown out of heaven in the first place...pride the first tool to enter the tool box. 

Before looking at my tips for getting free, it's important that you understand that you have to make peace with the fact you will still have questions and that is a normal part of being a human being. We all have questions, but that is okay. Maybe some of what you have read or watched in regards to the end times is true, maybe it isn't. It doesn't really matter either way.  If you're serious about wanting to break free you have to be willing to accept and make peace with that. 

My Tips For Getting Free 

The following  tips relate specifically to end time obsession but can apply to other types of obsession also. I am not a medical professional so I don't claim that these are anymore than personal opinion based on life experience. I still believe that if you feel it is necessary to get professional help then that is always the first cause of action. However my tips are more geared towards the average person that has just lost their way a little. 

1. Acknowledge - see it for what it is and acknowledge that you can't get free of this on your own, to yourself and God if you believe in Him.

2. Accountability - tell a trusted friend or family member what has been going on and ask for their help to break free and stay free. 

3. Apologise -  If it is possible to make peace with those you have hurt as a result of this in a safe way, do it. It requires eating humble pie but it will make you feel allot better, you will find out who your real friends are and especially if you're a Christian it's best to be a peacemaker. 

4. Amendment - Amend your day to day life to not include the end times obsession stuff but make sure you find something productive to replace it, a trusted friend would be a great help in working out what activities are best to add to your life for you personally. 

5. Avoid - Do not even think about praying, reading, watching or talking about anything to do with the end times or conspiracy for a while. You are on cold turkey for the sake of your health and future. For those of you thinking that you should pray about it. You are not the only person praying about the issues related to the end times, there are others who can carry that responsibility for a while and right now you need to get yourself ready so God can use you to do whatever it is he has in mind your life personally. Remember Jeremiah 29 V11 

6. Accept -This is most important, you need to accept that we all make mistakes and you can move on from this. Also, it would be an awesome idea to accept the grace of God which is more than sufficient for you. Don't guilt trip,but rather rest in the fact it's in the past and you got out and now good things are in your future. Better yet make Jesus the Lord and Saviour of your life and let Him teach you how to break free.

I know this has been a little different but I hope this helps others who like me were stuck. 

Until next time, 

Take it easy! 

Love Hayley 


Sunday, September 22

The Devil's Tool Box - When The Tools Work Together Prt 1


(This post may contain faith based content )
I want to draw attention to this topic because I feel like it's a subject that often just gets brushed under the carpet. It's going to take eating allot of humble pie on my part, but I know I owe my readers and family and friends an explanation as to what has been driving me the past few months. This does link in with the devils tool box series brilliantly so I will give the bottom line and some tips in the next post but for this post, I'm just going to draw from experience here. I am going to talk about this from a faith viewpoint, because for me that is how I fell into this trap, but I know that principles and tactics can relate to a wide range of situations, not just end time obsession/ rapture fever.

My Story - How I got Caught by the Devils Tools 
I was privileged enough to attend a Christian school in my early teens. It was there that I got my first taste for this thing called "end times prophecy" I used to read allot in school,  I started to read books about end times prophecy because someone in school had introduced me to the left behind books by Tim Lahey and I wanted to know how much of the books were actually based on truth. Back then I did one thing differently that really did make the difference, I checked everything that claimed to be truth against the bible, if it didn't fit then I threw it out and moved on. I got over that phase pretty quickly and didn't pick up end times material again until a few months ago.

The big difference this time was that I had stopped checking things up against the bible on a regular basis because through one thing or another my relationship with God was distorted. I couldn't view Him as a loving father but rather a angry God with a big stick ready to hit me whenever I got out of line. Since I didn't believe God was looking after me, I decided I had to look after myself and since I am a deep thinker, I decided the best way to do that was to increase my knowledge. I was still a Christian but it was about going through the motions of religion and being locked in the cage of legalism.

Since I am a Christian I decided that listening to Christian speakers talk about world events and the like would be a good plan, but unfortunately for me the people I listened to were really wolves in sheeps clothing. One of these speakers mentioned this thing called the Illuminati and since I didn't know much about it I researched it.

Before I knew it I was in too deep, I was desperately trying to break free of this obsession, but  torn between feeling responsible for what I now knew and miserable because I was lost. I found myself falling deeper and deeper into the well of fear, oppression and addiction to knowledge.  I'm not even sure when it happened, but at some point I crossed over from looking at things that are in line with the bible to things that were completely crazy.  It's not just Christians that get obsessed with conspiracies, but people from every walk of life, even those who do not believe in God or a spirit realm at all. The Devil is brilliant at making the poison that is this obsession look like a sweet wrapped in whatever will catch you best. It is so incredibly subtle how it works.

It's a risk to post this on my blog, but as I say I feel this is something that shouldn't be just brushed aside because thousands of people fall prey to the tactics and tools every day. One of the devils favourite tools is taking the truth and twisting it, just a little so that he can inject it with his poison and entrap the mind heart and soul of the individual. 

Life Enslaved 
Once entrapped in end times obsession and/or  conspiracy you become like putty in the devils hands and the puppet master knows exactly how to make you dance to his tune, but think its all you. Now I am not the kind of person to look at mistakes in my life and say the devil made me do it, but in the case of getting trapped in end times obsession and conspiracy, he certainly is at the height of his game and doesn't need much help from you to get you stuck! 

For me personally when I become trapped, I stopped moving forward in my life (because what is the point in making a future if its all going to tragically end soon?) I became withdrawn, cutting myself off from the big scary world and under the advice of other people caught too, I even pushed away those things and people that meant the most to me. End times obsession like any other obsession or addiction can ruin your life!

I am not going to go any more into how it affected me personally but what I will say, is this has been the hardest learning curve I have ever encountered and if you are reading this and you're still stuck, get free a.s.a.p because if you don't you could die still stuck and the world will still be spinning on.

In the next post, I will share how I broke free and offer some tips for doing so,

Until then, take it care,

Love Hayley


Saturday, September 21

Real Talk - Apology and Changes!

Over the past few weeks, I've had a fair few hard learning curves. Life teaches all of us what we need as and when we need it, it is then up to us what we do with the lesson and if we choose to internalize and act on it or not. If you have been reading my work for a while  then you will know that in the past my posts have been long and I have usually come from the viewpoint that I have something to teach you. Having taken some time away and reflecting on my older posts, I have decided I want to slightly change the direction of this blog and I want to change both those things. 

As you can see,  I have changed the presentation ( which is still under-construction) but that is not the only change needed. I want my blog to still be designed to be used as a personal development tool where possible, but rather than come across with the view point that I have all the answers, I am going to be real with you guys. I don't know everything! I have never intentionally wanted to come across like I think I do, but just to be clear if I have in the past given that impression I am sorry for that. 

From now on I am going to see this blog as an extension of myself. My personal development posts will be posted as and when I learn something new that I feel I want to share. If the subject matter interests you and you can gain something from it, great but if not then that is fine. If you disagree with me on anything that is fine, and I welcome constructive criticism. 

I have been through allot and so therefore I feel like I can offer encouragement and hope in some things and I couldn't forgive myself if I were to stop using my love for writing as a means to potentially help people. However the fact is, that no matter how helpful I think my tips gained from experience or resources I have found are, it's all just my opinion.

Also, I will continue to post faith based posts from time to time, I can't entirely leave my faith out of my blog because it is important to me , but they will be clearly marked. This is because, although I am a Christian I don't want to push my faith I think it's better to live it rather than try and force it on people, especially through my writing. 

Finally, I have realised my writing style is rather wordy so therefore when I finish a series, I am going to make a video just going over the key points of that series which will be both on my YouTube channel and at the end of each series on  this blog. I will also try to cut down my word count on my posts. I realise my readers time is precious and so I will try to get to the point as quickly as possible. 

Bottom Line 

The overall direction of this blog is going to be a little more simple and to the point from now on but with an injection of creativity and more regular posts. If that is something you feel you may be interested in, feel free to stick around.

Love Hayley 


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