Monday, October 21

Update - Sheep Postponed.

Things really did not go to plan with getting the first Sheep post up. I am going to have to postpone this series because at the moment, life is kind of getting in the way. Truthfully I need to spend some time getting myself back on my feet, the devils tool box series was heavy and various other things in my life need to be sorted before I can be as dedicated to this blog as I would like to be. I have no set pattern for posts over the next few weeks. I think its going to just be a few random posts as and when I can. I will try to post once every two weeks at the very least. Sorry I can't do much about that right now and thanks for reading this and my previous posts.

Hopefully things should be back to normal and I should be back posting every week as normal soon, but in the mean time take care.

Love Hayley

Tuesday, October 15


Just a quick introduction....

This new series is all about sheep. I think there are allot of lessons we can learn from them. After the heaviness of the last topic, I wanted to do a series that is light and fluffy. I think it's good to have a balance between heavy topics and topics that just leave you encouraged  when they are done. We will be kicking off this series with the first part on Thursday. 

 Until then take care!

Love Hayley 


Friday, October 11

The Devils Tool Box - Parting Thoughts

 Although I could carry on with this series for another month, it feels like it's the right time to end it. However I couldn't end this series without first addressing a few key points.

Firstly, It is not always the devils fault when things go wrong. We need to take responsibility for our own actions. Sometimes all it takes for the devil to do is plant an idea in your mind and then you do a good enough job of getting yourself caught up in something without his help..or atleast I do. 

Secondly, there is always hope and if you put a little creativity and work into it, even if you have been caught by one of the devils tools, you can turn it around. Just forgive yourself, learn from it, brush yourself down and move on. I know it's easier said than done but it is possible. 

Finally, no man is an Island, community is important if you hope to withstand the attacks thrown at you via the tools mentioned and even tools not mentioned. 

I could expand on these points, but I'm not going to. I think this series needs a very direct clear ending. The video addressing the key points will likely be up at a later date but for now, lets say goodbye to this series and put a lid on the devils tool box.

Until next time,

Take care,

Love Hayley 


Tuesday, October 1


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The Devils Tool Box Art Work

I only use art of people I actually trust .I think that it's a good practice to help people you know with their creative dreams as oppose to just buying pictures/music from big companies. Sometimes I do use my own work for art and music but for the most part I don't.
Feel free to check out Artist Profile Link

Thank you Alex for this, it's exactly what I envisioned for this series. 

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