Monday, October 21

Update - Sheep Postponed.

Things really did not go to plan with getting the first Sheep post up. I am going to have to postpone this series because at the moment, life is kind of getting in the way. Truthfully I need to spend some time getting myself back on my feet, the devils tool box series was heavy and various other things in my life need to be sorted before I can be as dedicated to this blog as I would like to be. I have no set pattern for posts over the next few weeks. I think its going to just be a few random posts as and when I can. I will try to post once every two weeks at the very least. Sorry I can't do much about that right now and thanks for reading this and my previous posts.

Hopefully things should be back to normal and I should be back posting every week as normal soon, but in the mean time take care.

Love Hayley

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