Sunday, November 24

Sheep! An Alternate Approach.

    Sheep design by Alex Bax & Hayley Esther 2013

I'm Welsh, and as such, I have heard allot of jokes and stereotypes about Welsh people and sheep. Usually stereotypes are a negative thing and the "Welsh sheep" stereotypes are no exception However it doesn't have to be. Don't get me wrong, I don't endorse labels, prejudice or racism of any kind. I believe we should treat everyone with an unconditional positive regard no matter what, but the fact is as horrible as they can be, people still label and stereotype other people. People even label themselves and more often then not, we can be are own worse enemies. Some people wear their labels with pride and turn those negative experiences into something positive and that is awesome! It those people that inspire me to write the first part of this post. You see one very common stereotype associated with the Welsh and sheep is that we are a simple people

In the age of technology, advances in science that previous generations could have only dreamed of and being smart is finally considered cool, (mostly) it's easy to understand why being called a simple people or bunch of sheep could be offensive however maybe being simple is not necessarily a bad thing. Before I go any further, I am not speaking on behalf of all Welsh people everywhere, how other people choose to handle stereotypes and labels is entirely up to them. This post is purely my opinion and since I knew that it would come up that I am a Welsh girl writing a series about sheep and there would inevitably be so much scope for the trolls to come out, I decided to hit this issue head on. I didn't choose to write about sheep because I am Welsh, I chose to write about sheep because I can see so many little lessons from them that I thought would make for a good series for this blog, most of which come from the Bible and have noting to do with my being Welsh but if I really must bring that into my blog, then I am going to attempt to reclaim that label of "simple sheep" from a positive perspective.

Usually I give no time to trolls, if they want to waste their time then that is up to them, but on this occasion, it all just fits in so perfectly with where I intend to go with this series anyway that it seemed like the perfect chance to bring a small element of my Welsh pride into my writing. 

On to this weeks Lesson from Sheep...

Sheep don't care what people think and they don't care about yesterday! 

Sheep only care about a few things but what other sheep think about how they what happened yesterday 
certainly doesn't come into it. Sheep live for the day, they just enjoy the lush green grass when they are out on the field and the protection of their Shepherd. Yes they are simple and yes they can be a little silly sometimes, but they don't care about that because all their needs are met by their shepherd.  

Making mistakes is apart of being human and we can all me just as silly as sheep sometimes. We stupidly care about what other people think, so we try to fit in with a certain group. We stupidly try to handle to much on our own and so we end up putting out health at risk. We stupidly try to fill that nagging in our souls with quick fixs, only to find that nothing works because we were all designed for a greater purpose. We stupidly refuse to forgive those that hurt us, and end up bitter and unable to move on from the past. We stupidly do allot of things, so we can be just as stupid as sheep, in that sense, all of humanity can be a bit like a silly sheep sometimes so lets be clear I am not advocating you be a stupid sheep I am only suggesting that maybe learning the lesson of simplicity from sheep may make your life a little easier. 

Let me explain, Sheep live the simple life. They get up, they eat, they play, they sleep and they have not a care in the world and all of this is made possible because they have faith in their shepherd. We will explore a little more of the role of the shepherd in a later post but for now, let me leave you with a few thoughts. 

Sooner or later you have to think about how your life style is impacting your health. Sheep don't care about how they look, there are no magazines telling a sheep how it should look. Don't let the Photoshoped images plastered across the media define how you feel about yourself. You are special because you are the only you there will ever be and that's an excellent reason to be exactly who you are.

Sooner or later you have to say to yourself yes I have a past who doesn't? Brush yourself down and move on from yesterday. Sheep do this simply by sleeping on it, tomorrow is a new day, make it count.

Sooner or later you have to decide what really matters? Working all the hours of the day or spending time with those you care about. Money isn't everything. Sheep don't have a bank account, yet they are happy to enjoy the sun. They don't worry about a thing, and that is really what I am getting at here. 

Ofcourse we have to work, we can't have it literally as easy as sheep but we can learn the lesson to let our worries float away when we close our eyes at night. For me that is really what the simple life is all about and the secret to being free from the stress and worry of the world is simple. Cast your cares on something bigger then yourself, in other words,

Trust the shepherd. 

Love Hayley 


Thursday, November 14

Quick update..

I haven't been well as of late, still not. ( ah the joys of winter)  So I am sorry for the lack of quality posts on here as of late but I am doing my best to post as often as I can.

Firstly, just to let you know I've taken down the facebook page. I just wasn't happy with it, I rather have readers that actually care about my posts enough to follow me via bloglovin, twitter or this actual blog directly. I don't like spam, and that is how my facebook page felt so I got rid of it.

Not really much else to say but  hopefully there will be a new quality post up soon, but for now take care

Love Hayley


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