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Cracking Xmas - Pre-Xmas Traditions

For the traditions part of this series I am going to stick to what I know, I am from the U.K so even if the tradition comes from another part of the world, I will only mention traditions held in my home land. Also I want to make a note of the fact for the readers that asked, all the art in this series and unless otherwise stated on the other posts on this blog, is original art work by Alex Bax. Links to his Deviant Art and YouTube account can be found in the art section of this blog. 

That said, lets have a look at typical western Pre- Xmas Traditions.

I am going to weave varies traditions in and out of this post but mostly I want to look at the one main tradition of Santa and how he relates to stockings.          

I am going to  vaguely highlight the other traditions mentioned and you can see the pictures but as I say, I want to focus on one main pre-Xmas tradition in this post.

There is legend that suggest that origin of the stocking involves St Nicolas himself. The story goes that there was one a poor man who had 3 very
beautiful daughters, he had no money to pay for the weddings of these girls should they ever wish to marry, and so he was worried about what
would happen to them after his death. St Nicolas happened to be passing through, when he heard of the poor mans situation he decided to find a way to help without the poor man and his daughters knowing. When dark of night came St Nicholas threw three bags of gold through an open window. The bags landed in a stocking and when the girls work up the next morning the old man and his daughters were very happy, their fate had been changed in one night.
There are variations of this tale, but this is the basic idea of it. 

When watching Xmas films over the last few days, I had an observation that I want o share with you.

Today the tradition of St Nicholas has developed into the idea that Santa  comes riding on a slay which is pulled by flying reindeer every Xmas Eve to give toys that he and his elves have been working on all year in Santa's workshop in the North Pole to the good little children of the world .
Children traditionally leave cookies and milk as a little thank you on the fire place and sometimes even a carrot for the reindeer. There is something else traditionally hanging on the fire place too though, a Stocking. 

My observation is this, what if that tradition of hanging a stocking at the fire place is a gift to Santa in its self?  What if seeing the stocking hanging there serves as a reminder of why he does what does year in year out?

Think about it, its allot of work and any human would get tired of well-doing after a while, maybe to Santa a Christmas stocking serves as a symbol of hope, the hope that he can make others as happy as he did those three girls and their father when he first got started. 

I know chances are allot of my readers don't believe in Santa anymore, but if you do or you know children that do then it would be a really lovely idea to use a stocking to teach them about hope. 

After all, hope is one of the best gifts anyone can ever give.

I hope you are all enjoying this season if you celebrate it,

Until the next time, take care,

Love Hayley 



  1. Very interesting Hayley. I read it from start to finish :). x


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