Friday, December 27

Cracking Xmas - Update and Thank you!!

I have decided to extend this series for the entire season of Xmas. In the U.K where I am from people don't go back to work properly or school until around the 6th of January so with that in mind, I am going to spread out this series to last that long. Still the same set up, 7 films, 7 traditions and 7 songs but also I want to throw in a few extras. 

I'm going to take a little break from the films and songs and spend a few days looking at traditions of Xmas. To ensure I stick to my schedule, I'm going to share it with my readers because I won't want to let you down and quite honestly, at the moment I am struggling to be consistent with my blog as I have insomnia and it really isn't helping me my creativity at all. Nevertheless, I want to be a woman of my word so this series must go on until it comes to a natural finish. 


27th December - Pre-Xmas Traditions. 
28th December - Xmas Day Traditions 
29th December - More In-depth Reading Post 1, 2 & 3 ( Morning, Lunch time, Evening) 
30th December - Back to the Films/songs with Nightmare Before Christmas  V ___________?
 2nd January     - Final Film comparison post ( not sure which two I am going to do yet)
 3rd January     -  Food For Thought Friday - New Year Post Part 1 
 5th January     -   Final Thoughts - New Year Post 2 and Conclusion.

New Series will Start on 10th January 2014. 
I will also be tweaking this blog to make it more reader friendly and hopefully will be launching a Facebook page in the new year to give you another way to follow me should you wish to do so that way. 

So there you go guys, that is what you can expect from this blog for the next few weeks. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact me via any of my social network links which you will find on the right hand side of this blog. Also I want to include my readers in the content of next year's post topics and the like so if you have any suggestions, Twitter is the best place to let me know using the hash-tag #pandasandpens 

Before I wrap this post up, I do want to say a big thank you to all of my readers, where-ever you follow me. I am aware of how many of you there are and I am so grateful and feel blessed to have people listening to what I have to say. Numbers don't really matter much to me, but my readers certainly do so again thank you so much and please do feel free to message me or contact me if there is something you want to see on this blog in the future.

Untill next time, 

Take care love Hayley


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