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Cracking Xmas - Xmas Day Traditions

So yesterday did not go as planned at all. I know I said there would be one post yesterday and 3 today but that didn't quite work out. Basically I ended up spending allot longer doing research then I had originally intended and by the time that was done I was way too tired to actually log on to my laptop and start writing. You guys know I am all about quality over quantity so I wouldn't post so many posts in such a short time unless I truly felt it is worth while for both myself and my readers to do so.  

That said, I do still think the 4 posts plan are all of some value and so I will still be sticking the schedule, but the only change is there will be a slight difference in how I am going to get these posts up. There will be two more posts today but they are split one post is directed at a very specific type of people and the other is directed at the other kind of people as in this topic I will be discussing here, you really do fall in to one category or the other. Of-course you can read both posts if you want to but as I say the next two posts after this one will be a little different to my usual content. 

The Christmas day tradition I want to look at for this post is the tradition of the Nativity. Here in the U.K it's not uncommon for school children to do a nativity play at Xmas time, carol services by candle light are held at church's all around the country and many people remember Xmas time as the birth of Jesus Christ, light in to the darkness, the Saviour of the world. 

Now although I am a Christian, I am not going to stray into religion or faith at this point. If you are interested in knowing more about the Nativity, there are plenty of films, books and articles out there on the topic, not to mention it is in the bible, a quick internet search will bring up thousands of options. 

What I do want to look at for this post is the heart of the Nativity message which is very relateabale to everyone, from all walks of like and regardless of what you believe. 

That message is simply peace on earth, something that most of the world really wants and secondly good will to all. It is very much apart of human nature to want things to better in your own life and even in the world. We are wired to want to be happy, so therefore regardless of your views on faith and the like, this message is a good one for all of us. 

There is an even deeper meaning in all of this that is often missed and that is the idea of light into the darkness. That idea is something I want to explore in the next two posts but I am going to split it. 

The next few posts will be a mini series within this series. So kind of like a present within the present. The two things I aim to represent in life in general are there is always hope and the life of faith through grace instead of being ruled by often well meaning  but cold and empty religion. 

I am going to call this mini series  In search of Stars 

Here is the basic schedule of these 3 posts so you can decide if any which of them you want to come back to this blog for. 

1 In search of Stars - Star Keepers ( For Followers of Christ Jesus) 
2 In search of Stars - Stargazers ( For The readers that are asking questions for an unbies approach to understanding Christianity)  
3 In search of Stars - Star Dust - 10 common misconceptions about Christianity and resources to continue your search or faith walk ( For everyone) 

The idea of this mini series came from the fact I have readers messaging me with questions and I thought rather then just answer individuals, that this mini-series could help allot more people. 

Coming back to this post topic, I want to leave you with one thing,

Next time you see candle, the lights on a Christmas tree or walk through the glittering streets this season, just remember that those lights are but shadows of what this season is all about. 

The fact light always over comes the darkness. 

Love Hayley


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