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Miracle on 34th Street. V Elf - Cracking Xmas

Miracle on 34th St (1947) V Elf

Miracle on 34th St

Story line

  • Santa is in NYC and ends up being a store Santa for Macy's.
  • He meets Doris,who works in the store and her daughter Susan who doesn't believe in Santa.
  • Santa makes it his mission to help them believe, but like all good films there is a twist in the tale. 

What Stands Out

Santa is portrayed as jolly, helpful,caring and just a little bit odd but this film is clearly about keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.
there is a quot in the film that stands out too

" faith is believing in something even when common sense tells you not to" -

It seams believing in the Christmas spirit, whatever that is takes a little faith and an open mind.

It's worth remembering that as we continue are search for the meaning of Xmas.


  • Will Ferrell plays a human adopted by Santa's elf's.
  • As he gets older he starts to realize he is different and eventually learns he is not an elf after all.
  • On learning this news, he also gets told where his living relative is and sets out on a journey to the human world to find this person.
  • The film is full of comedy as this over-grown elf learns to adapt in the human world but again, there are twists that make this film a fantastic choice for the whole family.

What Stands Out

We don't see much of Santa in this one, but again the Christmas spirit is very much tied up in what Santa stands for. The next logical step would be to find out exactly what Santa stands for as both these films only really hint at things and there is a much a more obvious choice to explain what Santa is all about.

Song of the post

It made sense to choose a song that was about Santa since the two films I just compared are in essence about his world.

Santa Clause is coming to town.
Originally written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie in 1934

What the lyrics mean  to me 

This is a simple little song but its basic meaning is about being well-behaved so that Santa will see fit to give you what you want for Christmas. There is a hidden message in this song though, and to me that is the value of peace and quite and how good things can be when everyone gets along. 


Through both films and the song it seems that Santa is heavily associated with the Christmas Spirit  but what is exactly Santa stands for? If we find out that then we will find out what the Christmas Spirit is all about and be one step closer to finding the meaning of Christmas.

We will continue on our quest tomorrow but till then take care,

Love Hayley


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