Sunday, December 22

Rise of the Guardians - Cracking Xmas

Rise of The Guardians ( 2012) 

An animation with Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin and Hugh Jackman, Rise of the Guardians follows the story of Jack Frost and the other guardians and how they deal with what is essentially  the boogie man
In this family friendly tale of adventure, we meet many interesting characters and learn a little more of what Christmas is all about.

What Stands out.

North asks Jack Frost as one part of the film what his center is revealing to us that his is wonder.
Since North is St Nick himself, its safe to get from this that what Santa stands for is wonder and joy but where does this wonder and joy come from? Finding that will be the next stage in our quest.

Song of the Post

The Christmas song ( Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, as it is commonly known) written in 1944 by  Mel  Torme' and Bob Wells.

In honer of Jack Frost it just had to be this old classic. It is played every Christmas and my personal favorite version is by Nat King Cole.

What these lyrics mean to me 

The song describes common happenings at Christmas, it shows allot of the wonder of Christmas and is a personal favorite of mine.


Santa and the Christmas spirit seems to be about wonder, but what is this wonder? For that we will pay a visit to a Christmas favorite of mine by Tim Burton but that is for tomorrows post.

Till then take care,

Love Hayley


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