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Sheep! The Role of the Shepherd & Conclusion

In last weeks post, I said that the secret of the simple life is to trust the Shepherd, but how exactly can we know the shepherd can be trusted? Who is this Shepherd anyway?

In this post, I am going to answer both those questions and explain a little more of the role of the Shepherd.

Now, I know that some of my readers will think I am about to get all religious on you. While I am going to mention a higher power, I am also very aware that not all my readers even believe in such things and so I will keep it brief when we come to that part.

In order to answer these questions we first need to take a closer look at sheep and why we as humans need a shepherd just as much as they do.

Sheep have a tendency to wonder off. It's no secret they can be really stupid sometimes, but so can humans. We as humans, have a tendency to want to do our own thing, no one likes to be told what to do so the idea of appealing to a higher power, or a shepherd may seem like the most ridicules idea ever because we tend to think we are fine on our own and want to be in control of our own lives.

The truth is though, we were not designed that way. No matter what you believe in, it's not hard to accept we all need people, we all need relationships of different kinds and I would argue that one of those relationships should be with a higher power greater then yourself that has sight of the big picture and your best interest at heart. I believe that we are all designed with a hole in our lives, even if we have all the things that would indicate success if you are missing the most important relationship of all, a relationship with your Shepherd, then it will all feel rather empty. In contrast, if all you have is a relationship with your Savior , the shepherd of which I speak, everything else falls into place.

I can only really speak on my own personal experience. When we try to do things are own way we can end up hurt, broken, lost and confused. It is a completely human and normal thing to feel lonely even in a crowed of people, but when the Shepherd comes and picks you up and carries you to a safe place then that loneliness disappears.

I wanted to have a post on my blog that relates strongly to my faith in Jesus, but if you have followed me for a while you will know that I don't believe in forcing my views and I certainly don't believe in writing posts that are laden with religion! However, I do also have Christian readers and I myself am a Christian and I wanted that to be something I am open about, even if I don't mention it much.

So then going back to those first questions we started with what is the role of the shepherd?

To look after His sheep, meet their needs, not their greed and to guide the sheep in the direction that is best for them away from the wolves and other dangers that are lurk in wait of a silly little sheep that has strayed off and gotten lost. When a sheep does get lost, the shepherd will leave his flock and go in search of that one sheep. This is a biblical principle but Alice Cooper, Sylvester Sloane, Beyonce, Owl City, Skillet and Brian Welch, can all vouch for the truth in it.

Who is the Shepherd? 
I would say that best shepherd you can have is Jesus Christ, however there are lots of different shepherd figures in our lives and we all have them. Personal fitness coach, fashion guru's, medical professionals, Pastors, teachers or even your boss can be a Shepherd in some form .

It is said that whatever masters you is your God. Be it food, people or something else, just be careful who or what you make the Lord of your Life. Your "Shepherd" is leading you somewhere..are you happy with where you are going?

That concludes everything I wanted to say in this series.

Untill next time, take care

Love Hayley


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