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Wednesday, April 23

10 Tips To Inspire Others Part One - (For Everyone)


I know this post is overdue, my life as of late has been a little hectic but finally I've gotten the chance to sit down and just write. This post has had to be researched because even though I could pretty much tell you my tips off the top of my head, I wanted to include as many resources as possible for you to help you in your quest to inspire others. I will post a resource list a little later this week but for now, let's get into my top tips for inspiring others.

1. Be genuine

It's one thing to want to inspire others in general, it's an awesome thing to do, but the truth is you will feel far more comfortable and come across more genuine if you inspire others in the things you are passionate about. It is vital that you make those on the receiving end of your encouragement and inspiration feel that you actually mean what you say. If they don't all your efforts will come to nothing, you will feel deflated and may not even want to try to inspire others again.

2. Check your motive and know your audience 

Right, so you've worked out what you're passionate about and are about ready to start inspiring others in that field, the next thing you need to do is ask yourself why you care. Again, knowing the why behind what will make you more comfortable and you stand a much better chance of achieving your goal.

You also need to think about how your encouragement or inspiration might best be received. Inspiring others always have to have others at the heart of it, even if you do have some elements of selfish motive for wanting to do so in the first place. Good presentation and strategic marketing can be your best friend in this regard.

3. Use your gifts.

You are unique and you have a set of gifts, dreams,

 passions and talents that are all also a unique mix to you.

Use that.

 I love writing and I am really passionate about encouraging others to reach their goals and dreams in business, faith and life. I also am a very deep thinker, I can see 5 or 6 different projects detail by detail all at once  and not get confused, This is great for my chosen career ( life coaching) because it allows me to see what's going on in a person's soul, mind, spirit and emotions still hear what they are telling me at the moment so that I am then able to make suggestions that may actually be helpful. I love writing and I am very creative and I believe I've got the biblical gift of exhortation, all of this together allows me to write this blog with integrity and bring to blogger-land a fresh spin on blogging and hopefully help some of you guys in some way, in the process of this.

4. Do your research

Is there something in your local area you could get involved with? Do you have a friend that is need of a bit of encouragement? What is the latest news about the causes you care about?

Maybe you can't physically go half around the world to go help some starving children, but maybe you can send the workers doing that a little love on Twitter or other social media ( or go old school and opt for snail mail)  sometimes, just hearing that you are doing a great job is enough to keep a person going and for those of you who believe in the power of prayer, then you can definitely do that and let the person you are praying for know.

Find a need in your own little world, 

your local community or the wider world and get involved, 

either by your words, your actions or both.

5. Keep your eyes open 

Right so we've looked at the local area and the wider world, we know what we are passionate about and we are using our gifts and talents to inspire others, what more could there possibly be?

Well, you never know when (or where) you are going to find someone to inspire or encourage or get a great idea on how to inspire someone. Keep a note-taking device nearby at all times.

Personally, I prefer using pen and paper, but for you maybe recording notes on your phone or tablet as you have a spark of inspiration, works best. If you don't record these quick sparks, you will have forgotten them by the time you get home! It used to happen to me all the time!

Bonus Tip

There really is power in relationships, you will get far more done working with others then you will alone, so please don't be afraid to reach out!

On that note, I'm not afraid of working with others for a common goal. If any of you want to work with me please do get in touch!

The next post will be directed at bloggers. I have 5 tips for inspiring others with your blog. If you want to be kept up to date on that please feel free to follow me via any of the social media options available. I really don't care about numbers but I do care about my readers so please follow this blog via the best option for you.

I think that's about it for now, as always your comments and feedback are welcomed.

Take care,



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