Tuesday, May 29

It's Knot on!

After encountering an extremely hard season in life I became very depressed and run- down as a result of trying to do too much too quickly. 

As a result of this, I felt too tired a few nights in a row to brush my hair.  

Hey burnout is real ya know!! 

Anyway this inevitably led to getting a massive knot at the back of my head, it felt like my lovely long locks had been locked inside a birdcage! 

I tried to get the knot out with several different brushes none of them did the job.

So I washed my hair with a detangling shampoo. 

Again the knot just wouldn't budge.

Finally I gave up and asked my house-mate to help me get this knot out, which was done with great pain for me. I realized as my poor house mate was tugging at my hair to get this knot out for me, that God was actually teaching me a few things through this.

Firstly and most obviously, the importance of rest. 
We can't be productive all the time. We all need to learn to respect the gage that is inbuilt to all of us. 

Also, how we can't let Saten have even the tiniest foot-hold in our lives. 
Like the knot he will grow a big mess in our lives and it will hurt to navigate the traps we get entangled in. 

Finally, I learned to not try to do everything myself.
I had to get help to remove the knot, and sometimes the bad habits in our lives can be like knots that are tough to break through. Here we need to rely on the people God puts in our lives to help us get through and also throw ourselves on Jesus and work with him to move forward. 

This in essence is what Joy is. 

We put Jesus first, then we have the energy to meet our commitments for others. Then if we want to be healthy, we should take care of ourselves.

Self-care is really important. Before we made the move to exchange our very successful business blog for this ministry, we had a term we used for this that I would like to bring over here.

We call this simple temple living. (Based on 1 Corinthians 6, to be explained more in a later post.)

If I had put Jesus first in my hair, I would have brushed my hair 
as to the Lord and then I wouldn't have needed to ask my house mate to help me. Taking them away from the task they were doing. My house mate works from home and I actually took them away from their work for almost 3 hours to help me. It is good that I have the kind of friends that are there when needed, but like I said this didn't have to happen this way. 

Colossians 3:23-24 King James Version (KJV)

23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

None of us exist in a vacuum

What we do impacts the people and world around us, even something as small as remembering to brush our hair. 

It may be a small thing but if we are faithful in the little things, it brings big results in the long run. 

This will be the theme of the next post,

 but for now,

Stay Awesome Blossom!

Sunday, May 20

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Letters To Life - A Very Unconventional Relaunch

This morning, I woke up to find that on relaunch day of what was my business, Blossom Braid,that God had very different ideas for this relaunch. 

We were relaunching because we have felt for a long time now, that God was calling us to treat Blossom Braid as a ministry. 

The below post is how we were going to do just that. There are some valid points in this post, but it seems God is asking us for more than a slot in our business. He wanted our whole project to be used for his glory, just as he wants all of our hearts. There is no such thing as a little bit saved. 

Below is what was going to go up on blossombraid.com today, then I will come back typing in pink to cap off this very, very unconventional relaunch. 
Here we go. 

Hello, Hello,

Yes its us after like 2 years of being M.I.A

Let me start by saying,

Sorry, life happened.

Ah but wait, lets unpack that statement shall we.

Don't worry I am not about to give you a sob story (although bits of our journey may seep in here and there. What I actually mean is, in this post I want to unpack what that statement actually means. 

Life happened?


Those of you who have followed us for a while will know that we are a Christian couple, as such that means we love/believe in God.

Yet the name of this very series, is full of idolatry, which literally breaks one of the 10 commandments that our God gave Moses. 

Guess it's gotta go then.

So what will we call this series instead?

Introducing,  Letters To Love (the image will make sense later)

It is that transition right there, that is the very key to unpacking that statement we all get tempted to say from time to time.

Life happend.

You see when we wrote letters to life we unknowingly treated life like its own entity or dare I say supreme deity. It's subtle, but we can all fall into idolatry like this.

How many times when things go wrong or get tough are we tempted to save face and energy when someone asks us what's up, to just blame our circumstances on life?

Like life is some sort of unfeeling god that plays with the hearts of humanity and takes pleasure in hurting us.

There is a HUGE problem with this way of thinking though, because the truth is it is insulting to one who gave us life in the first place.

John 14:6 kjv Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me 

There is no eternal, abundant life without Christ. 

There is no breath in our lungs making us alive, without God.

So when we blame life, we are in a way, actually blaming Christ for the seemingly bad hands we think we have been delt, while also declaring that we have no agency over anything that happens to us.

Life Happened?

Luke sums it up beautifully in this super short video.

If you are reading this right now, you made the choice to do so. 

That's agency.

The clothes you are wearing, the things you do with your time, even something as basic as what you choose to have for breakfast, these are all choices. 

Choices prove you have a say.

You have agency. 

Now here at Blossom Braid we are all about authenticity. We want you the reader to feel valued when you read our posts, and sometimes to achieve that, you gotta own your mistakes. 

So yes we made a mistake in calling this series letters to life, and to fix that we will now be calling this series letters to love.

You see, God is love.

Everything we seek to achieve here is for Him.

He has give us love and that love can be for a person, a place or a thing, and there are lots of ways to express said love. 

We have a lot of projects planned here but it is vitally important to us that we have segment on our blog each more that celobrates love, by wring to God as love. 


The series mentioned above is now going to be here.

blossombraid.com is now just an archive of what we were capable of achieving when our posts were mostly about our agenda.

I'm not taking the site down, please feel free to use whatever tips for business and life that may be over there. From here on in Blossom Braid is now a ministry.

I can tell you we feel the weight of this.

Running a ministry is not a status thing, its certainly not a business move, its a surrender move. 

There are many I can think of who would say that we don't qualify to do this, and honestly if this were in our own strength I would be inclined to agree with them.

The fact is however that every believe is called to the ministry of reconciliation. We are all called to reconcile, the world with Christ and to reconcile one with another, within the body of Christ.

Love is our agenda and joy is the lifestyle. 

We aim only to lead by example to help people become good people, spread the gospel message in hope, love,joy and humility, and ultimately, to bring all the glory to Jesus Christ. The author our salvation and the finisher of our faith.

You are invited to join us.

Maybe you need a little more to go on, so just so you know we will be sharing our mission statment next post 

Hope you catch you there.

Stay Awesome Blossom

Love Hayley 



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