Saturday, March 2

The Meaning Of Life According To Hayley Esther Part 1

Right, let's kick of with a nice easy topic shall we?

I joke, I joke.

I'm not claiming to know everything, but here's my take on the whole business of what this thing called life is really all about.

Quick note, this is a re-write. I did not like the way I had this presented way back in 2014 so I hope this simpler explanation serves you better!

The pursuit of happiness is something people from all walks of life, all over the world are longing to find the answer to. Some people even believe that happiness and the meaning of life are the same thing. I disagree with this because happiness is fleeting, once you find it, it never stays, just like a butterfly resting on the leaf of a flower for just a moment, blink and it's gone, so it is with happiness. There are so many contributing factors to being happy but to me it seems like a waste of effort when the object of this pursuit is so fragile.

The pursuit to find the meaning of life however, is much more valuable and the crazy thing is, when you find the meaning of life, or at-least what life means for you, you find yourself happy more of the time. I believe that joy is much better then happiness and yes there is a difference, but that is for a later post so I'll leave it there.

The point is the meaning of life is not to simply just be happy as so many films, books and songs would have us believe. 


It's about finding fulfilment and learning what it means to make joy your lifestlye and love your agenda. Then, put it in your work and share it with the world, so that our collaborative efforts of art as humans, can become a masterpiece.

If you are interested, I'm planning to put up a resorce list that has helped me to live inspired and a joy-filled life. Let me know if this is something you want either below or over on social media!

The next part of this post will be up shortly.

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