Thursday, April 18

The Art Of Change Mangemnet -Day 4 - N Is For Notes

Good Morning beautiful,

This post is going to be a little different because I am going to connect both examples in the first half and then in the second half break down why you should use certain resources to achieve the things I suggest. 

N is for Notes. 

If you want to make your change stick, then make sure you document the journey. 

It's not enough to just commit things ti memory, you really do need to get into the habit of making notes. 

For business note taking will help you see the progression of your business, which is fantastic when it comes time to sort out your accounts and can also really help you see where you got off track when something goes wrong. 

For using your art to explore the change your making for your life, notes are vital because you need to take care of your emotions, and check in with yourself regularly. 

This important so that you can ensure that the pace of the change suits you, and that you are handling the inevitable stress that comes with transitioning into something new. 

Having a clear idea of your journey, how it feels and what it means for you all noted down, can also make a really great nostalgia piece which can really help strengthen your brand later on down the line. 

So I've given you some of the reasons why you should take notes when you are going through a change, now I'm going to make a case for some of the methods that can be most fulfilling. 

1. Phone or Tablet apps. 

These are quick, efficient and get the job done so you can, if you choose to, make a more detailed note or project life/journal entry later.

That's great I get why you may choose this method but the main thing I recommend for note taking is physically writing down your notes in a notebook.


Simply put, if you take the time to physically write down your notes, you can make it part of your self care ritual, which you should really have set up throughout life, not just when you are going through a change. 

It can also be really fulfilling to use cute stationery that matches the change. 

For example this is my pastel goth poetry book. I use pastel kawaii pens to write in it along with these 

My poetry tends to be about hope after traumatic events and so I feel like this theme captures that goal very well. The dark Gothic edge, reminds me of my goth days as a teenager and connects me to my pain through poetry. 

Then the happy pastel images popping through the black just screams hope to me. 

Also my style is a mix of Gothic-dark-alt-girl meets vintage-kawaii-princess so again it works for me. 

Right okay guys, that's about it for today. Please if you do make a note book, tag me on Instagram so I can see. 

See you tomorrow for the penultimate  instalment to this series. 

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