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The Complete Guide To Long Distance Love For Creative Souls

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Okay yes, it's Valentines day but this post is not just for couples. I have a wealth of knowledge and tips for long distance lovers, and I certainly am going to cover that in this post, but there are many different forms of long distance loves.

One thing noone tells you about being in a long distance relatinoship with your significunt other, is that if it works, you are likely going to be dealing with long distance love for years to come. At some point you, or you honey are likely to move to one of your home-towns, or maybe you will both move to another town together. This in turn will mean that you become long distance with family, friends and possibly even have to deal with having your doctor or other proffesiional service in another town untill you are settled and find a new one.

We are gonna cover all of that here in this post but first let me tell you why I am ever qualified to be talking about this with you now.

In short, long distance love is my reality and has been for the last decade. I met my other half online back in 2012, then in 2015 I moved to his home town, we then breiefly moved to my home town for a few months last year, before settling in his. I am Welsh country girl, and He is very much a Londoner. I know I have an internatinal audience so let me say in terms that make sense to everyone. It takes 4 hours on advrage to get from Victoria Coach Station London, England to Where I'm from near  Cardiff in South Wales. That's .151 miles and two very difference countries. A lot of people think that Wales is part of England, this is not true. Wales is it's own country, and is apart of the United Kingdom.

Now we have that cleared up, shall we get into it?

Ok great, let's begin with some housekeeping and then we will get on with it!

So firstly expect this to be long, if you would prefer to read this and keep it please feel free to download the PDF version of this post, but if you do that please consider donating what you think is fair on paypal to share the love with us, so we can make more great content for you.

Secondly I am going to break this up in to catagories and at the end of each section, there will be a list of resources for each section. There may be the odd affiliate link in these resources, which will be marked by #affiliate before the link, for our full affiliate policy please click here.

Thirdly I am going to assume that if you are reading this you already have found long distance love in some form, therefore I am not going to give tips on finding it, but rather maintaining it and coping with distance.

The Sections I am going to cover

  • Long Distance Matiance Fundimentals 
  • Long Distance Couples 
  • Long Distance Family
  • Long Distiance Friends
  • Long Distance For Work 
  • Long Distiance Loose Threads 

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