Monday, July 8

Daisy Change Summer Schedule & New Series Announcements!

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while, to tell you the truth I just got through a pretty rough fight with Jet. I won.....for now. 

When it comes to depression and mental health you really do have to stay on top of it, because if you give jet even an inch, he will take like all the miles! 

Anyway, not the point of this post.

What I do want to talk to you about today is the fact that Daisy Change is lacking some serious structure (thanks to said battle) so, here's what you can expect from me moving forward.

This is what a week on Daisy Change will most likely look like...

Sunday's - Very occasional  general faith based content.  I don't really do faith content here anymore, but if I do it will be on a Sunday. 

Tuesday - Girl Talk Choose Day /News day. You get 2 posts on Tuesdays. First we have the GTCD which will start tomorrow. If you want to know what that even is, check in here after 10am tomorrow. All will be revealed. 

Newsday - We're bringing back the letters to life on Tuesday evenings around 8pm

Thursday - Thoughtsday. This is the main post of the week, based around our monthly theme, You will get consistent instalments every week on Thursdays, at 10am 

Afili Fridays - This is gonna be when I where I do my reviews of things that will help aid you in the joy life. I am also open to collaborations and we may do the odd give away and some other funzies..basically it's Friday so for most of you lovely lot its also pay day, that means only one thing sweetie....thoughtful shopping trips! Definitely don't charge it! 

Ah but wait, there's one more cool thing I want to tell you about.
Come by around 8pm on Saturday or should that be Caturday for our new cats n crafts segment.

With all of this combined with all that Daisy Change goodness over on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, as you can see, we are really committed to helping you lead the joy life! 

Also if you want to check out what Hayley Esther is up to behind the scenes, head over to tumblr or simply just join our awesome email list. ( we won't spam you, we promise you will likely only get 2 emails a month and 3 to 5  with freebies if there's a promotion on that month)

Okay guys, that's about it! 

See you tomorrow! 

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