Saturday, August 31

I love pastel as much as the next kawaii princess, but sometimes you just need something a little edgier. 

Here's a basic idea of how to do a  toned-down gothic look.

Friday, August 30

We'll be back soon!!

This is the kind of thing you can expect from us moving forward, we will be back real soon but right now, our worker lambis are busy making this site like so adorable. Please sit tight.

Tuesday, August 13

What To Expect When You First Move To London

So you've taken the plunge, it's official you are moving to London!

Congratulations you! 

You are about to embark on one heck of a journey!!

Here are a few little tidbits that may help you as you make this move. 

I've broken this post into 3 sections....

How You are likely to feel. 
How You are likely to be treated.
How to quickly adjust, or at least look like you are.

Let's get started.

So how are you likely to feel?

Well to tell you the truth, I would be concerned if you're not on a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster right now. Moving to a new city is a big deal. So much of your life is about to change. It should feel exciting, but it's normal to feel a little (or a lot) nervous.

Those butterflies in your tummy are a good thing when you first get to London, they will keep you sharp and alert. 

You need to be. It's a very fast-paced place, especially in the centre and even more so when travelling. 

It's okay, you will get used to it.

A little later in this series, I have posts about how to transition from the country to the city and lots of tips for London etiquette. For now, though, I'll give you the quick version.

When travelling around move fast, don't use much eye contact on the tube. Keep yourself safe. Stay alert, pickpockets are a thing here. Don't dawdle and above all else, enjoy the experience! 

You only get to know a city for the first time once. Enjoy that. 

People don't realise that London can feel like a planet all of its own, especially at first. I'm a country girl so I had the added layer of getting used to city life along with getting know and love this city. I was the definition of a shy small-town girl, if I can learn to thrive in London I am sure you can too. 

So that's the basics of how you are likely to feel now let's look at how others may treat you. 

Right, listen up because this is important. 

Let me let you in on a little secret,

Londoners may feel a little cold and unfeeling, but the truth is many of us are lovely people when you get to know us, we just know the importance of keeping our guard up. That guard is not likey to come down very easily, we know better than that.  Don't take it personally if people in London ignore you, (even when they bump into you) or if they seem unfriendly or unwilling to take to you. If you come from a culture that is known for its warmth, then this is likely to be a shock to the system at first. 

Yes I know this city may feel a little overwhelming, and you are a nice person, and all you want is a little help to get from A to B, but you could just as easily be about to steal my bag while I look down at my phone or watch to tell you the time or check the map. 

Most Londoners are not going to take the risk.

You will get the odd nice person who will help you out, but generally speaking, you are best to go speak to someone working at the travel station or visitor centre if you are stuck or confused about travel.

Also if you fall over in London, because of the chance you could be running a scam, most people won't help you up and unfortunately there are those who would take advantage of your situation. Again pickpockets are a thing here. Get up quickly because you don't want to get trampled. Go sit on a bench for a moment to catch your breath if you must, but when you are going to be in central London especially, the best advice is to make sure you are well-prepared for whatever situation could occur before you set out. 

Don't get me wrong, London is a wonderful city but as I have already stated, many Londoners are only cold because they have to be, it can be dangerous here.

With that in mind, if you know a local who can show you around until you are used to the city it can be really useful. 

Word to the wise, select this person carefully and please watch what you say in public. You never know who is listening. 

This whole series is about how to settle here and so we will be covering how to adjust here in much more depth, in later posts for now though it may help you to read some of my other posts about moving to London. 

Hope this helped

Saturday, August 10

A Warning To Letter To Me Too Blogging.

Dear Me To Blogging, 

We have talked about this. 

I broke up with you years ago, and yet your always around.

I wouldn't really have a problem with it if you were just doing your thing, away from me. The thing is though, time and time again I see you hurting the blogosphere and so we gotta talk. 

Your lies are costing people their health and their businesses and so if you think I am going to sit on the sidelines and just let you hurt these amazing people, you got another think coming sweetie! 

Right here, right now I am gonna call you out on the top 3 things you do that harms the blogosphere.

Call it an intervention from someone who cares and is tired of your nonsense. 

You are going to see it get turned around, even if the last thing I do. Your day of hurting unsuspecting bloggers is done. 

So here's your lies and the truth that will set these wonderful people free.

You've been toying with people long enough, I hope you had fun while it lasted! 

Lie 1 In order to grow, you gotta look like everyone else and do what everyone else is doing.  

The Truth

I've said it before, I will say it again, your standards of "professionalism" are too darn high for newbies. The fact is bloggers have to wear enough hats as it is without your added pressure to do like all the things to keep up with the popular kids. 

You know what?

Ain't no one got time for that! 

Life has so much more to offer.

Lie 2 The health and the wellbeing of the blogger is secondary to the blog & business.

The Truth
Give me a flipping break! 
If the blogger does not take care of their health, then they will not be able to perform to the best of their ability on their blog and that's just not any good to anyone. Bloggers are people too they should take care of themselves as such. 

Lie 3 If one does not put the time into all the social media platforms and learn all the algorithms as they change, and then try to jump through all these platforms hoops to get like all the followers, the one had failed as a blogger. 

The Truth

Nope! One does NOT need to use social media in order to be a good blogger. Bloggers have the right to only use social media platforms that work best for them. Oh, and they absolutely have not failed at blogging if they don't post on social media every single day. 


Ain't no one got time for that!!

Fearful decisions do not create healthy blogs or healthy people and so this is just a quick heads up. 

I'm so over the fear-to-move-because-of-what-you-might-do-thing. You keep hurting people and I've just about had enough of it. It's time to make a change. 

It's time to take down your master.

So a note to my old nemesis Nannie Goat, and I'm sure your partner in crime, Jet...

I'm coming for you.

Be afraid.  

- Hayley 

Monday, August 5

Introducing How To Settle In London, England - The Student Guide

Hey guys, we're back! 

Hope you are having a great Summer, we sure are! 

In fact, you can see just how much fun we've been having over on insta where we are smack bang in our summer of reflection. 

You see I have a big birthday at the end of this Summer and so before I hit the big _0 I wanted to reflect on all that I have learnt thus far, and where life has brought me. Now it just wouldn't be right if, given that I am a generous person by nature if I don't share that generosity with the city that I have called home for 5 years. Previously to that, I was in a long-distance relationship with my other half for 5 years and so for 10 years now, London has been a regular part of my life. I know that many of you are moving to London for school around about now. (or maybe you just moved here for your other half/as a faith move and need to jump straight into work like I did)

The thing is, much of what I share here could be useful if you are moving to the big city this Summer, even if that city is not London. (especially if like me, you hail from the countryside or an entirely different country altogether) 

This is a very London England, centric guide, but if you can get something out of my ldr, mental health, study or self-defence and etiquette tips you are very welcome here also. 

Now before we dive into this, I just want to point out a couple of things...

All of the posts in this guide are written from the viewpoint of a woman who is not from London originally, but every post is lovelily crafted together with my very local partner. He has lived in London all his life, and together with friends, Mr has been helping me to keep this series as culturally sensitive as possible. 

That said, everyone has their own unique way of seeing things and so this is based on experience and opinion only. Our views do NOT necessarily reflect the viewpoint of every Londoner. In fact since London is so diverse I am sure there will be differing opinions here.

Also, I'm not going to cover how to actually move to London or the basics of what to expect from your setup/landlord etc... however, I have included a resource sheet full of articles and useful links that should cover the very basics of moving to London from anywhere in the world. 

This resource sheet will be available at the end of this series. 

Okay, I think that about covers this introduction. 

We start next Tuesday at 10am 

See you then? 

Schools Out For Summer And So Are We ( Our Summer Schedule & Why You Should Come Say Hi On Insta)

Hi there,

If you have followed us for a while you will know that for many years, this was the main home for Daisy Change.

Recently, however, we have decided to relaunch the website with lots of cool new features so, for the foreseeable future, we are hanging out mainly over on Instagram.

Hopefully, we will see you there?

Have a great Summer Guys! 

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