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Sunday, June 16

Schools Out For Summer And So Are We ( Our Summer Schedule & Why You Should Come Say Hi On Insta)

Hi there,

If you have followed us for a while you will know that for many years, this was the main home for Daisy Change.

Recently however, we have decided to relaunch the website with lots of cool new features via another platform provider, so for the foreseeable future, we are hanging out mainly over on Instagram.

That's not to say we won't still have posts here for you to read over Summer. We just won't be posting much here.

What I do want to do though is give you a quick

Saturday, May 18

Day 5 Explain only what you are comfortable with.

Ok so just a little post today guys, if I give away everything for free then I won't have anything to show you in my up and coming book venture, so take the tittle as the last point for now.

Here's a sneek peek....

Catch you later xxx

Thursday, April 18

The Art Of Change Mangemnet -Day 4 - N Is For Notes

Good Morning beautiful,

This post is going to be a little different because I am going to connect both examples in the first half and then in the second half break down why you should use certain resources to achieve the things I suggest. 

N is for Notes. 

If you want to make your change stick, then make sure you document the journey. 

It's not enough to just commit things ti memory, you really do need to get into the habit of making notes. 

For business note taking will help you see the progression of your business, which is fantastic when it comes time to sort out your accounts and can also really help you see where you got off track when something goes wrong. 

For using your art to explore the change your making for your life, notes are vital because you need to take care of your emotions, and check in with yourself regularly. 

This important so that you can ensure that the pace of the change suits you, and that you are handling the inevitable stress that comes with transitioning into something new. 

Having a clear idea of your journey, how it feels and what it means for you all noted down, can also make a really great nostalgia piece which can really help strengthen your brand later on down the line. 

So I've given you some of the reasons why you should take notes when you are going through a change, now I'm going to make a case for some of the methods that can be most fulfilling. 

1. Phone or Tablet apps. 

These are quick, efficient and get the job done so you can, if you choose to, make a more detailed note or project life/journal entry later.

That's great I get why you may choose this method but the main thing I recommend for note taking is physically writing down your notes in a notebook.


Simply put, if you take the time to physically write down your notes, you can make it part of your self care ritual, which you should really have set up throughout life, not just when you are going through a change. 

It can also be really fulfilling to use cute stationery that matches the change. 

For example this is my pastel goth poetry book. I use pastel kawaii pens to write in it along with these 

My poetry tends to be about hope after traumatic events and so I feel like this theme captures that goal very well. The dark Gothic edge, reminds me of my goth days as a teenager and connects me to my pain through poetry. 

Then the happy pastel images popping through the black just screams hope to me. 

Also my style is a mix of Gothic-dark-alt-girl meets vintage-kawaii-princess so again it works for me. 

Right okay guys, that's about it for today. Please if you do make a note book, tag me on Instagram so I can see. 

See you tomorrow for the penultimate  instalment to this series. 

Wednesday, April 17

Alterations - The Art Of Change Mangment - Day 3 - A Is For Alignment


Okay I've given you tones of great cosy tips and resources so far, today we are gonna kick it up a notch.

A is for Alignment but I am NOT talking about The Law Of Attraction, The Secret or any of that New Age Stuffs (I'm being nice) although I am going to address it in just a moment.

But out first example is business.

So how does alignment apply to business.

Well, you need to align your business with your moral compass or else it will fail. For this I recommend making a values bracelet

Here's how it works.

Choose 5 different beads that represent the 5 main areas of your life and the most important value for each area of your life, that are core to who you are and what you stand for, and then put your business bead right in the middle, because your business will be the main thing your working on for a long time, and everything else will fit in around it because when you are the one with reagns, like with a business, if you drop them then your metaphorical horse could run off the edge of the cliff taking you and business with it.

Here's a picture of my values bracelet.

So this bracelet is built on these 5 areas and the core value for each.

1.Faith & Spirituality - Intimately
2.Relationships - Trust
3.Business -Integrity
4. Well-being (in my case stress management)-Consistency
5.Artistic projects-  Joy

So as you can see, my core value for business is integrity. This now becomes the driving force of who I am as a person, because I need to be integrate in life, in order to be integrate in my business.

So as long as I am working to make integrity the corner stone of my business, then everything else will fall in place, because being integrity means I need to take care of the other areas of my life.

Therefore I am aligned, in myself and my business.

Moving on to the using your art to help with your life change.

I'm gonna be straight with you guys, I am going to  expos the law of attraction in this section because so many people fall for this New Age rubbish and the law of attraction can actually knock you out of alignment.

We don't want that.

If you don't want your bubble burst, click off now.

Okay you are still here,


Let me unpack this.

Short version: All magic comes at a price.

I'm borrowing that line from the tv series once upon a time. It illustrates this point so clearly and is just really good writing so you should check it out, but anyways back on point.

You've heard it said that if something appears too good to be true, it most likely is. Well I'm sorry to tell you guys, but that's the truth about the law of attraction.

If you believe in the Law Of Attraction, then I'm guessing your a spiritual person and so let's call that thing that gives you the thing you want is actually just simply a form of magic.

It's common belief that magic can be good or bad, but actually the magic that causes the law of attraction to happen comes from the same dark source.  That dark source doesn't care if your playing with his seemingly nice little toys thinking they are safe. The snakes he hid in those toys, will bite you anyway.

Maybe you don't think there is a price but how many times have you or someone you know who has used the law of attraction, suddenly felt really unwell and been bed-ridden for ages.  Or how many times have you used the LOA and something special to you suddenly broke, or worse someone you care about died?

This happens.

The truth is that the Law Of Attraction is nothing more than a gateway drug to suck you into the New Age.

This is so dangerous. It can cost your life. Please don't mess with it.

My personal gripe with it is that the Law Of Attraction belittles God to be apart of His own creation. God is sovereign and He is the creator., He is the one that created you in His image and gave you your artistic abilities. Don't slap in the face by saying that He is no better than something He made. You wouldn't like it if someone said you are about as worthy as the piece of art you are most disappointed didn't end up being what you would have liked, and neither does He. You have free will and creation didn't give you that, the creator did. Okay, I'l leave it there. You can tell I'm fired up and that's because it angers me to see people get hurt needless, especially by the evil one, but instead of preaching at you here's a list of resources encase you want to study the topic further.

I'm not as qualified as some to whistle-blow this whole law of attraction thing, but I do know the spirit world and what goes on there very, very well. I've seen both the light and dark side and I am not afraid to say that although I don't ascribe to everything that churchianity teaches. I do count myself a Christ-ian. There's your out, if you want to just dismiss what I am saying as just religious nonsense, that's fine, but I'm not your advantage believer by any stretch of the imagination, and I am talking from experience when I say that the number one thing that the law of attraction causes is brain fog and all the lovely things like depression and anxiety that comes with it.

A foggy brain won't make good art.

If you are serious about making this change you need to align with yourself using the tips I gave in the business section, then align with your creator.

That's as close as we get to any faith based content and I think this was heavy enough for one day so let's leave it there and tomorrow I promise to go back to playing nice.

See you then.

Tuesday, April 16

Alterations - Day 2 - H is for Hope Cautiously

Morning all, hope you slept well.

Today we are going to talk about the mindset you need to successfully navigate changes in life.

If you are going to get from this season to the next, you need hope.

Okay so this one doesn't apply to our business example as much as the life and art one so let's get that out of the way first.

If you are looking to start a new business, hope for the best but absolutely put fail safes in place in case it doesn't work out or  the worst happens.

Hope is not foolish. Hope knows that the thing it is aiming for may or may not happen, it just chooses to think the best of the situation.

Don't go into a new business thinking that it can never work, because you won't put the work in to it to make it work if you don't believe in your busies/dream.

It's okay to be scared, especially if this is your first business or the stakes are high for you, but that fear should not be the driving force. You need to find the good in the situation, even if you are not sure this new venture is going to work. For this I use two business tools that are awesome for the new startups. Peter Jones Business Guide and a SWOT analysis The swot analysis won't only show you where your competition is so you can work out a strategy to beat it, but also it will show your opportunities  and and help you realise how much you really do have in your hand right now.

This will bring hope to your heart and your head and with that, you could be unstoppable.

Now on to our second example.

How can you use your art to inspire hope?

Again ground level zero make a playlist to help you get there. Or if you prefer you can come follow me on Spotify and check out my lists.

Then make an inspiration board. This is similar to a vision board, (we talked about this last post) but it's different in that we aren't looking at what we are going to achieve we are looking at things that inspire us to work on it right now.

Another great tip is if you did get a journal going, then add some hopeful inspiring bookmarks to that, so that every time you see your journal you are given a quick dose of hope.

I also use my laptop desktop to put up a image of something that inspires me to keep going.

Again Pinterest can be great for making this kind of board, but be careful, there is such thing as inspiration hangover.

Well, I think that's enough for you to have fun playing around with today.

I will see you tomorrow.

Have a great day guys!

Monday, April 15

The Art Of Change Management - Day 1 - C IS FOR CREATIVE SOuLUTIONS

Good Evening!

We start now with the first letter of our C.H,A.N.G.E curriculum.

C is for Creative Soulutions 

In order to really drive my points home I need to use some examples. I'm personally most comfortable taking about business startups and entrepreneurship so we will use that as our first example. Also, I wrote the book on using your pain to fuel your art, and until this point I have been very much in the life coaching and mindset arena, it makes sense to also use that as a framework for sharing these tips with you.

The two examples are separated by green text for business and purple text for life. That way, you can skip to the section that you need advise on.

Now that's established let's get going shall we?

So when you are going through a big life change, it can play havoc with your emotions. When you are in the midst of all of the inner turmoil, and all the things going on around you on top of that, it can be hard to see what you need to do to move forward. 

That's okay though, I got you!

I've got two posts I highly recommend if you are feeling stuck that will help if that's where you are at the moment, but for the purposes of this post I am going to assume that you've moved from stuck to seasonal, embarrassed the change that you know is inevitable, and now you are ready for the steps you need to change to have a smooth transition into whatever your new season looks like for you.

If you are there then the first thing you need to do is look at what you have in your hand and start exploring your box.

Hayls what does that even mean? I hear you say, so let me unpack it for ya! 

Think about it this way. 

Each of us has a certain number of talents, resources and circumstances we need to take in to account when we're thinking about making changes in our lives. If you had a box that was full of physical objects that represent all the areas of your life, and all your talents, what would be in your box? 

The very first thing we all have available to us, is conventional wisdom. It is repeated so often for a reason ya know!

So then in your situation right now what does conventional wisdom say?

 Will any of that work for you?( If not, it's cool we have some suggestions of things that could work)

For example, conventional wisdom says that if you are looking to start a new business, you need to make a business plan.

Does that sound like something you can do?

If not, why not? 

Do you need to take a course maybe to learn the skills for this? 

Or hire an expert? 

Or are you just not the kind of person that WANTS a business plan?

For whatever reason. you may be the sort of person that doesn't want to write a business plan just yet. Maybe you don't know if it's worth it just yet, Maybe you are a pretty laid back person and you just want to see how it goes before you write a business plan, because that feels too official and you just don't need the pressure right now. 

If this is you, then don't write off this conventional wisdom just yet, you need a creative solution. You're in the right place for that. 

You see, there's no right way to do a business plan and it doesn't have to be super long and detailed.

Yes there is a traditional plan, with lots of pages and lots of information and all the plans for the next x number of years, but then there are plans that are just one page, and a whole lot less stressful.

On the flip side maybe you are super committed to this business, and the 5 year plan just isn't long enough in which case maybe you should try a longer  business plan. 

If the idea of a  business plan is just a big fat no for you right now that's cool, maybe you could just write a write a paragraph on a page about what you intend to do and then list a few goals so you have at-least some idea of what you are aiming for. 

That would be a creative solution, you won't feel so pressured but still have some direction and clarity about what you are doing and that can really help with anxiety. 

Maybe that's the compromise for you. (I will be taking on new clients very soon so if you want to work with my directly, feel free to drop me an email or message me on whatever social platform suits you best)

If  you are in this stage of life/business maybe these links will help. (of-course you can go without a plan all together, but there are very good reasons why this is not advised by even the most laid back of business advisers)

Sunday, April 14

Introducing Alterations - The Art Of Change Mangment

Today guy's I'm just going to jump straight into this.

It's been a while since I last put a post out and that's purely just been because I've had to take a little time to restructure things.

You see my season of life has recently changed.

I was very much in a dry season, now it's raining metaphorically speaking.

I'm pretty use to seasons changing and so I want to spend a week focusing on sharing my tips for change management. There are some pretty big changes coming to Daisy Change shortly and I want to make sure my awesome readers are ready for that.

Also I know with all the uncertainty in the world right now, chances are you're going through some sort of change too.

I hope this comes at just the right time, it's my gift to you to say thank you for sticking with me all this time, which is why even though this content is awesome and I could easily make money off of it, I'm choosing to put this information in a blog series format instead.

Let's get to it shall we?

Okay so you know I love anagrams, they are littered all over this site, so it seams fitting that at this point, we use the most obvious anagram that has been hiding in plain site this whole time.


Each letter is the first letter of a word or phase that I think is the embodiment of a concept that is vital for change management.

This is going to be so much fun and you just might learn a thing or two. I've never been more confident about writing a blog series in my life, and it will be packed with some great resources along the way, so you really are in for a treat!

So dear awesome readers, I invite you to come along with me on this week long journey to help you navigate the changes that may be taking place in your life.

Posts go live at 8PM Pacific Daylight Time as from today, then other other day  until this project is completed next week.

We get started tomorrow.

Until then,