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The Running Shoes - Suicide, Depressio & Fighting To Win!

Trigger Warning - Low mood, depression, pain, suicide, past hurts, written about with the intent of encouragement  Disclaimer - As always I still recommend seeking professional advice as to the first course of action if you are feeling low or depressed. All advice given is from experience…

An Alternative Gospel Message To The Illuminati (Brotherhood of the snake) Part 2.

I've been demonitsed.  Coinsidence? I think not.  Thing is my silence can't be bought. I made it to the top of the system to witness it without taking a single death oath. So come at me brotherhood if you dare! Anything you do against me just proves your existence to my audience. …

An Alternative Gospel Message To The Illuminati (Brotherhood of the snake)

I'm assuming that you are brotherhood reading this right now. So I don't need to give you a basic Christian gospel you know it and Lucifer has you fighting against it and if he doesn't you're not high level enough to know about the secrets of the serpent.  So here's a…

A message to my silent fans.

Ok so this isn't the kind of post I usually write but it is a needed one. See I have decided to sit with the fact that Daisy Change over the years has become more of a ministry then a business, and that's fine. With that though comes the fact that you the silent readers are lookin…

The Art Of Righteous Risk

The Art Of Righteous Risk by Hayley Esther  I temperately retreated to the secret place. To make sure that for the task ahead I have the grace.  Now that I am sure that I am destined to fight in this war. I won't let the enemy make me shrink back. First move, my knees hit the floor. …

The Art Of Private Faith ( How To Be A Crystal Ops Christian)

Last post we talked about  leaving secret societies but we also highlighted how dangerous that is, so this post we're gonna talk about how to be private about your faith.  Now before we start, I'm all for evangelism. You could even say this blog contains evangelistic content. but …

Hope Found Leaving Secret Societies (Even if you only can in your mind)

This series just wouldn't be complete without this post.  I've unveiled luciferinism, compared christo-lucifrinisim with biblical Christianity and told you how to escape dark enlightenment.  Yet without being the crazy girl that actually cares about the people in secret societies,…