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Shifting Focus

How has two months passed without posting?  That's crazy!  Just a quick one today because I have to share something burning on my heart, not sure how this is going to go.  What do you do when you know you have a lot to give but you don't have the right connections to make it happe…

The Running Shoes - Suicide, Depressio & Fighting To Win!

Trigger Warning - Low mood, depression, pain, suicide, past hurts, written about with the intent of encouragement  Disclaimer - As always I still recommend seeking professional advice as to the first course of action if you are feeling low or depressed. All advice given is from experience…

Navigating Love Across Miles: Valentine's Day in Long-Distance Relationships

Introduction: In a world that is increasingly interconnected, many find themselves entwined in the delicate dance of long-distance relationships. As Valentine's Day approaches, the challenges of celebrating love across miles become more pronounced. However, distance doesn&…

The Art Of Personal Conviction : Embracing The Power Of Faith

In a world filled with diverse ideologies and beliefs, personal conviction serves as a guiding force that shapes our character, choices, and purpose. As a Christian, I have discovered the remarkable influence of personal conviction in deepening my faith and transforming my life. In this …

Move From Moving On To Moving Forward

Moving on and moving forward,  they are the same thing, right? Well actually no. Once you have chosen to see life as seasonal and started chasing fulfilment rather than happiness, the next step toward success is moving on from moving on. Let me explain. Moving on gives the impression you’…

Move From Stuck To Seasonal

There is so much pain holding the walls up, in a rut. There’s the pain of what could have been or should be.  There's the pain of confusion, not knowing how to get up, or for that matter which way is up.  There’s the pain of feeling like a burden to friends and family, the pain of gui…

Move From Happiness To Fulfillment

People that chase happiness will never be happy for very long because it's more about the chase than the object in question. Happiness is an emotion, it comes and goes because life is up and down.  Chasing happiness usually leads to unhealthy people with dead dreams and more debt the…