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Here at Daisy Change we preach the message that  #feedbackmakesfabulous  
We truly believe this, when you guys let us know what you want, we can work out if it fits our brand and provide you with content you actually want.
So if you would like to be super awesome, please consider doing as the lovely people below have, and share your thoughts via the comments below,  (please note we have copied and pasted the testimonials from our former home on wordpress, when we moved to another hosting service, your testimonial will appear in the comments section.)
Here’s what others have said. I am honestly feeling so privileged and grateful to these people, they rock!
Hello All, I am here with HAYLEY having a nice mango and passion fruit juice in a coffee shop. I have not known her long but what I can say is that she has a heart of GOLD. More importantly, the words that have been laid in her heart are words that can encourage. As the old saying goes ‘ words can build you up or they can break you down’. I am confident that Hayley’s words will lift you up, UP and UP. No exaggeration but her words are light in today’s very dark and sometimes cold world that we live in. So I hope you will be encouraged just as much as I have been for her courage to be OPEN and to remain open when she is sharing her thoughts and feeding us with her all words….. GO on…... read on… filled up. - Kindest regards, Lisa, London UK xxX
Daisy Change is a different kind of blog that takes typical topics of the day and finds a way to provide us readers with a breath of fresh air. I really love the art and words on this blog, so much care must be put into making this site what it is. Thank you Daisy Change team!  - Ella, Canada 
Kirstie tried to upload her comment from google but it didn't take so here's what she said..

I am blessed beyond measure to call Hayley a close friend and follower of Daisy Change 🙂 Daisy Change is everything a blog should be pumping out: Love, Faith -assuring, keeping it real and Life Sharing. Daisy Change has planted the Love of Jesus in the blogosphere and is watching/helping it grow. Keep being amazing Daisy Change team! Kirstie Gwent