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Monday, December 24

Music Is The Manna: A Guide To Grieving At Christmas


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I'm gonna level with you guys,

This year has been a tough one. Not just for me but  I think a lot of people have felt it. I've also noticed the mainstream media being hit with some really tough stuff this year and then add to this the uncertainty of the future here in the UK and you get a very, unstable, painful year.

There has also been a lot of high profile deaths. The one that hit the hardest for me personally though was Stan Lee. I couldn't do justice to a tribute. He will be sorely missed by fans world wide.

In my personal life, I've gotta say I don't think I've had such a tough year in my entire adult life so far.  This is saying something as in previous years since legally being classed as an adult. I've had years where I faced unemployment, deaths of loved ones, an extremely painful healing journey ( I will get into that a little later) and do I even need to mention, all the health issues I have well documented on this blog.

Yet all of this pales in compassion to this year. It's time to employ that thing I like to do to tell you what's up with out boring you so here's my year summed up in a few short statements.

Wow, I'm glad 2017 is over, finally we get to move on, oh actually no, the heat got hotter. Homeless again? More deaths? Debt? But that's not like me! Let's move to Wales, Nope  London, Back to Wales, London again,Wales to cat sit and then , Accident. Agony!  stuck in Wales. Then finally back to London, only to face the worst storm I've known as an adult, desert sand and what! More debt? But this REALLY isn't like me!! Oh and the pain's back. Now people leave me. Isolation in the desert, so not fun! Gotta battle on! Keep. Building.The.Blog.And.Sharing.Truth, I'm finally getting somewhere ......

Then the word of the king is hijacked by a narcissist and they convince me to...

Pass The Torch.

But? How am I suppose to earn now??

 Okay faith it is..is that wise ? 

I haven't gone hungry and even with all the instability of living arrangements, I have had a roof on my head somehow all year....but seriously though something isn't sitting.

I know that the time to bless others is when you are in need yourself. Trust me. There is an unseen law at work which is basically the real deal that the fake rules of the law of attraction, tries to counterfeit....but the real thing is far more tasty.

Anyways, point made. Tough year as you can see.

Recently I was reminded that, this isn't the first time I've reached the holidays with a whole lot of stuff I could grieve about.  It's one thing for all this year long stuff to be the background thing going on, but I've also had Christmas days which have been spent in tears. I am gonna highlight just 3

How about the Christmas that a family member and I were not talking, and I genuinely thought they would never speak to me again, because we had a disagreement about something they decided to do, and the rest of my well meaning family were completely confused as to why we just couldn't tell them what the crack was or better still just get over it.

Or how about the Christmas that the guy I thought I was going to marry, broke up with me on Christmas day. It was one of those intense teenage 16 year old no one knows how I feel kinda deals. When your that age, your so much more passionate about everything at the time I thought my world was ending, but years later I am SO glad this happened, as I ended up with someone much better and far more well suited.

Finally, here's the one that really broke me. The Christmas day that all of a sudden, completely out of the blue, my brain decided now was the perfect time to throw flash backs of the day I got raped 3 years previous. I was so broken, all I could do was cry in my room all day, (I'm fortunate to have a family that was always very understanding if I or my brother didn't want to be involved with the festivities) I'm proud to say that I strongly believe in sexual purity and up until I got attacked, I had been waiting, quite happily for marriage one day. This made realizing that I had been attacked all the harder to deal with, and I was only 17 at the time of this Christmas, I didn't want my family to know so I tried very hard to wear a brave face. That Christmas sucked.

Now I know this is not the cheery type of post you expect at Christmas time but the fact is that if you clicked on this post because of the tittle then chances are maybe you can relate to some of this.

If so then I'd love to spend some time today sharing with you how I survive the worst of the grieving thing, as I know that the holidays can intensify emotions, both good and bad.

This is my Christmas present for you today guys, I hope it helps.

Okay, after a un-characteristicly  long introduction, let's get into it shall we?


Monday, December 10

10 Awesome Musical Masterpieces To Soothe The Soul (Not Christmasy At All)

Okay before we get rocking and rolling on this one, I have to remind you guys that this is gonna be personal opinion so if you don't dig my tunes, your music sucks! 

That's cool, maybe next post will be more your thing. Catch ya later!

Also these links are all Youtube, obviously we don't own the rights to any of the music/videos posted here, if any of them disappear however I am sure you will be able to find the tracks on your streaming service of choice, based on the info we have given you. Also not therapists here of any kind, this is written from personal experience and is ALL personal opinions. Results may vary. 

Anyways, let's get on with it!!

I happen to love a lot of different genre's of music and my day job involves obscure music so with that in mind, I highly doubt that you are going to know every single track, but if you do please comment me and let me know and we can be music twinzies!😤😎💜

Let's start by dipping our toes into something you may know....

1.Enrique Iglesias - Takin' Back My Love feat. Ciara

My guess is that if you are are looking for music to soothe your soul then you are likely not in a great mood right now. 90% of the time, that is usually due to a relationship of sorts going south, and so Enrique Iglesias got  you covered babe.

Now if you are like me, more of a rock chick/dude then don't worry I've got you covered but I want to ease you guys into my favorite soul care choices because I know they are odd choices, so taking you on a little musical journey is all part of the fun.

Moving on.

2.Framing Hanley- War Zone

Once you have had a good cry at the fact this thing just happened to you, next it's time to get mad!

Now there are a lot of great choices that could go here, but I have a rule of only allowing myself to feel rubbish about my part in whatever just happened for the duration of this song (or songs like it)

3.Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name

Now it's time to get mad at the person/situation in question, for this one it's gotta be Bon Jovi. It can be really good for the soul to get your inner rock star out and sing into a hair brush (or atleast mime the words) and just put all your passion into your performance, even if it is in your own room with the curtains closed. Rock ballads are best for this, in my humble opinion and personally, I've had the best results with this when listening to Bon Jovi.

 4.Dappy-  No Regrets

Now that, that is done, it''s time to reclaim your power. I had to give this a little thought because I was stuck between so many great artists, but I've settled on this one because I think that it is most likely to land with you guys and this post is about helping you so hopefully I made the right call.

Ok now, we are at the point where my choices get a little odd....

5. Dan Balan - Numa Numa 2 (feat. Marley Waters)

Firstly, it's important from time to time to  be reminded that world isn't so drab and grey.

From here..well sometimes going a little quackers can actually be good for you....in small doses ofcourse!

6.Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks 

If going quackers doesn't cut it for you maybe going bananas will....

The point of this track is to give your brain and heart a moment to catch your breath. Being a little silly can actually really help some people (me included) to get the pressure caused by heart pain out of the body using a silly little dance. A favorite show parody can be excellent for this.

Let's get back to earth now shall we?

So let's stop and take note of where we are right now.

 We have cried out the pain, got mad at both ourselves and those involved, reclaimed our power, been reminded of how the world isn't so bad, danced out the remaining stress with silly/beloved songs 

and now we are about ready to really nourish our souls.

So for this we need to first dramatically change the tune...

7.Always Love Nada Surf

Forgiveness may not be popular but it is good for your soul if you can find it in your heart to forgive those that hurt you. I know it's damn hard, and I am not telling you what to do, but if you can find a way to forgive and quit carrying bitterness, your soul is gonna feel a whole lot better for it.

8.Forgiveness" by TobyMac. Featuring Lecrae

Not for everyone, I do get that, but some of you will dig this.

Now to finish off, we need to calm down, because at the end of the day peace is the thing that we need most when we are dealing with soul pain. I hope you enjoy these two beautiful choices. I am not going to type now until the conclusion because I am super conscious of how long this post is getting.

9.Josh Groban – River

10.Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

If all else fails, maybe it's time to call out to a higher power?

If so then reach out.

I strongly believe that personal connection is super important when writing about things that may aid one's soul, so if you want to reach out to me, please do so via social media.

Here's my personal Facebook I'd be happy to take some time to help direct you on to sources that could be helpful if I can't help myself. (Check our Pinterest for great recommendations first if you wish to.)

I think that's it today guys!

Have a good one!

P.s if you like this post, please share it/let us know! We don't normally ask for this but
#FeedbackMakesFabulous so would be awesome to know how we are doing/ can best serve you in future. Thanks in advance! Have a great day now we are really are going, the Jaffa Cake gage is low!


Saturday, December 1

I'm The Queen Of My Business, But Is There A King??

I gotta tell you guys, if it were up to me I would probably have waited to post this a little while down the line, but it's not, so here we are.

That right there tells you straight off the bat, I answer to someone.

In the blogasphere, there are many unspoken rules floating around, these rules are often disguised more like suggestions, but having been at this thing for a while, I can see some things that appear to be pretty much nonnegotiable if you want to succeed with blogging, especially if your blog is a business.

These are things like "acceptable blogging etiquette" which I  reject for the most part, because I have a very big problem with systems that feel like big bullies. I was a little hard line when I wrote this however, and these days I think there are things blogger land does just because it works and manners matter, but if you want to see what I am on about then here's the post I wrote way back when. How I Nearly Become A "Me Too Blogger" And Why I Am Not

So many people leave main stream jobs in order to chase a life of fulfillment doing something they love, and blogging is great for that, but this can also be a lot of work, and the last thing we need as bloggers is a unspoken system for success making us feel rubbish because we don't meet the mark.

True, we gotta abide by the laws of our land, but other than that, blogging is suppose to be about creativity and there is no one way to make it work for you.My Unconventional Blog/Business Success Tips

One thing that is extremely common in the belief system of most bloggers however, is the idea that content is king.

Well, quality content is important, but it is certainly not my king, nor the king of this blog/business.

Outside of blogging, the world right now is going through a woman's empowerment movement. More women are starting their businesses now then most, if not all ages before us. This is awesome, but I take issues with much of what feminism stands for, and so to be really clear, you can be empowered as a woman without the feminist movement.

Any and all movements, move on eventually, things change with times and seasons. If you check out Google trends, you will see that feminism has had its ups and downs over the past 5, and even 10 years, and yet woman are taking up leadership positions all over the world, even if only  as the queen of their blog/business.

I think the Internet is largely responsible for this. There are so many ways for woman to have the best of both the homemaking and career girl worlds at the same time because of the opportunities that Internet presents us with, but even without the Internet I still believe woman would be empowered because its not a movement that empowers us.

It's a greater power.

Now to be clear, although I committed to not talk about my own faith on this blog, I am still a Christian and I do still believe that as such, there is a certain protocol that leads to the most peaceful and contented life for all members of a family, irregardless of where in life you actually are. I believe that we are all created with a purpose, and it is our job to go into the world and use our gifts to exhibit the joy life so that others can lead a more fulfilled life as well.

That said, although my partner is a king of sorts of this blog, he is not THE KING of this blog/business, and He wouldn't have it any other way.

I do submit to my Mr by allowing him to look over my work before I publish anything here because since we are both building brands I don't want to publish anything that could potentially come back on him. The Lambi art is his work, and so it's a respect thing, and I also believe it's a part of the protocol that the creator of the universe came up with so that everyone gets maximum joy. If you don't get it, that's cool, I am not gonna go on about it, but it's not hurting you directly the way I choose to run my business, so if you do disagree with me on this one that's fine we can agree to disagree. I won't be bringing this up again. (to my knowledge)

So then content is not king of my business and neither is my partner?

So then does this queen answer to a king?

Yes she does.

His name is Jesus Christ.💜💝

Now before you go clicking off thinking that I am about to stuff religion down your throat, hold your horses. Let me just make a quick statement and then we can get on with all the fun and productive stuff that will be coming out of this blog in future.

I said two posts ago that I am done talking about my faith on this blog, and I am but that does not for a second mean that I have given up on what I believe in or stand for. I just believe that actions speak louder than words and words should only be used when absolutely necessary when it comes to stating your beliefs.

I believe in Jesus Christ, He is my shepherd, my best friend and the king of my blog/business.

If this business/blog is going to succeed, I need to put Him in His rightful place on the throne of not only my life, but my business too.

(ESV)Galationsl 2 V 17But if, in our endeavor to be justified in Christ, we too were found to be sinners, is Christ then a servant of sin? Certainly not! 18For if I rebuild what I tore down, I prove myself to be a transgressor.19For through the law I died to the law, so that I might live to God. 20I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. 21I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousnessc were through the law, then Christ died for no purpose.

This means every area of my life is about making Him famous, and that includes this business and blog. I write about what I believe I am instructed to, irregardless of how I may feel about it. I am here to serve Him by serving you.

All Christian bloggers are called to lay down their lives through their blogs, to make Jesus famous and encourage others in an authentic way.

It is no longer I who blog, but Christ who blogs through me if you will.

I just want to take a moment to recommend some resources for others like me, aiming to build a brand which is consistent with their beliefs in God, but not actually preaching from their brand.

Quick note, these are not affiliate links, I just really believe in these two ladies.

Nikki Phillippi  - She has some great connections to other awesome faith filled brilliant brand builders, and her vibe is all about hope, love and having fun with fashion, beauty and being healthy.

Then there's this lady - She pretty much changed my entire outlook of business.

Sandi Krakowski - A business genius in her own right, she knows how to empower people the right way and her blog and business tips are second to none. The be more tag you see all over our posts, is a nod to her.


Monday, November 26

7 Reasons I love Being The Queen Of My Business.

Hello there!

Welcome to a very festive Daisy Change, we have plans for a Christmas series this year and so we just got done decorating our site ahead of that. (Also if you are here for the sweet Amazon deals, skip to point 7)


This post is close to my heart and so I really hope that you can find some value in it.

During holiday season, it can be very hard to stay focused on work when all you really want to do is enjoy the festivities.

We all gotta make the moneys though in order to do all of those fun things, and so we need to focus on work just a while longer. My aim with this post is to help you take stock of where you blog/business is right now so that can you get ahead start of planning something epic for next year.

 Now I know I may have gone an odd way about doing this but, I wanted to have fun with it.

 So enjoy!

 This is 7 reasons why I love being the queen of my blog/business.

Hopefully this will inspire you to keep working on your own Queendom instead of getting distracted by literally all the pretty shinnies that are outside right now.

 Let's go!

1 Freedom.

Ask any business owner and they will tell you, that despite the fact that being your own boss is hard at times and often very unpredictable work, we wouldn't change it for anything because the freedom that comes with this life, is priceless.

Not only do we have the freedom to set out own hours, we have the freedom to lean in to our authentic selves in a way that other career paths just don't allow. Then there's the freedom to stand for what we chose to, to run our businesses the way we see fit to do so, and then my favorite thing of all, the freedom to be as creative as we want to be, but more on that later.

Bottom line the number one thing most business owners will tell you they love about their business is the freedom it gives them to rock life their way!

2 No Glass Celing.

You could say this relates to that freedom thing, and it does, but this still deserves its own section because the impact of not having any cap on earning potential has more benefits to it than just the freedom. Working for someone else means they set the terms of payment. Being my own boss means that I get paid based on what I put into my business. I don't have to have just one income stream (and I don't) and I get to mix it up when it comes to the type of work I do, how I get paid and how often.

If I am happy to work for chocolate I can. If I am cool with doing surveys that lead to store vouchers I can totes do that. Paypal, or bank transfer, or even just working for the fun of it, it's all up to me and this is something that has made me far more responsible with my finances, than any other job could. I am pretty darn confident of that!

3 Creative As I wanna be

In case you didn't already know, I am a proud pegasister. The Brony community rocks!

 (Basically bronies are  adult My Little Pony fans, because the story telling is stellar, the art is awesome and the characters are oh so relatable, despite what you may think, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has got a little something for everyone, age is not a factor)

Anyway, one of the characters, Rainbow Dash, has a popular line in the show "awesome as I wanna be" I am borrowing the format of that one-liner to explain this point.

A picture of Rainbow Dash looking awesome as she wants to be! 

Being the Queen of my business means that I can be as creative as I wanna be. I happen to be fortunate enough to be multi-talented, and being the boss of the business means that I can choose to showcase any of my skills at any point. I love arts and crafts, and music is my mayhem, but as you can probably tell, I also love writing and doing digital art, I get to incorporate all of these into my business and that is awesome! 

4 A Community That Cares.

The online blogger and business community is really unique. It is a tribe of tribes, so everyone can find a place in this vast, but brilliant community. If you are stuck on something, you can hit up twitter and someone is sure to know how to do the thing your stuck on, and people tend to be really nice about helping each other out. I've made some really lovely blogger friends this way.

Also since this industry is all about thems good vibes, people tend to be a lot more understanding when you find that actually, you really just can't do the thing...so you find something else to do and its all sunshine and Jaffa Cakes again!

5 Challenges Keep Me On My Toes

So to be real, challenges tend to arise a little more often that I would like, but it does stretch me and force me to step up to levels I never thought possible.

At present I am currently sitting at just under 20,000 subscribers and regular viewers across all of my social media platforms, that number would have scared me even a year ago. I am however all about publishing quality content and that has attracted so many awesome readers that I feel so privileged for every one of you. 

I bring this up however, because believe it or not I am really not that social in my every day life. I am actually really introverted, but the social aspect of this blogger world has forced me to put myself out there a lot more and this leads me on to my next reason for loving my Queendom.

6 Self Growth

Not only has being the Queen of my business forced me to be more social, it has also taught me many other skills that are just really good for life. I've learnt the value of consistency, creating quality content and not being afraid to ask for help when stuck, just to name a few.

Bloggers and business owners have to wear an awful lot of hats. Being the Queen of the business means I have to oversee, the design, content creation, social accounts, and do all the behind the scenes stuff life secure the site and balance the books. These are all skills I learnt through my blogger journey and they are skills that set me up for working on other areas of life.

7 Opportunities To Give Back Are Endless.

The absolute best thing about being the queen of my business means I have so many different options to help others, which is hands down the thing that makes me feel most fulfilled in life. I write my posts for free, they will always be full of value because I am on a mission to leave this world a better place by the time it's time to fly. I try to offer up as many resources to valuable information as I possibly can and that's awesome. I'd like to think I lead by example in exhibiting and teaching the joy life, but recently I have also decided to take on some other things that now seams like the perfect time to talk about.

You may notice this site now has a few Amazon affiliate links here and there, we have already listed this in our policies, but the main reason we agreed to this is because Amazon gives us the opportunity to plug some more resources and cool things we believe in. If you shop at Amazon anyways, why not take advantage of the cool offers we have live on Daisy Change because of our partnership with Amazon?

You'll find links at the top of this page, and in the side bar, but just to make it that bit easier for you, here's a link to our favourite deals on Amazon right now. 

You'd be getting a sweet deal, well also supporting Daisy Change so we can keep churning out quality content!

If you have been here for any length of time you know sales posts are not our thing, but at-least now we have covered this base and now we can get back to those free, fabulous quality posts we usually do.

If you can think of any other way we can serve you let us know below!


Monday, October 22

When Noting Goes Right - Our Tips For The Desert Season

Hey guys and gals,

This is the follow on from yesterday's resource post.


Tips For The Desert Season, Lambi wants it to be over now!! 

This morning when I set out to write this post, I got stopped in my tracks by that small little voice on the inside instructing me to take a look at this subject from another angle. I was going to take it from the angle of the importance of maintaining an intimate relationship with God when you are in the desert seasons of your life, I was going to point out some of the ways the devil likes to deceive us with hallucinated dreams, but like I said I got stopped in my tracks and so I know this post is gonna land a lot more than what I would have written, because it ain't from me. 

I can claim no credit for what I am about to share with you, so please direct your praise to God if you find this helpful. 


I apparently get to start with a little story, you see yesterday I celebrated 26 years in Christian faith. I got saved when I was 3, which means I am now 29 (and almost 1 month) at the time of writing this. 

In my 26 years of faith, I have never done things the conventional way, most folks get saved, and find it very easy to get rooted in a church so they can start growing pretty much straight away. I was fortunate enough to be born into a Christian family, although coming to faith was my choice. Even then, my parents were friends of churches but they moved in seasons. I was taught from a young age to be rooted in Christ above all else. Things can happen and sometimes churches split or close or whatever, and when this happens, if you are not rooted in Christ it can be really scary when somewhere that felt like home starts crumbing, especially when we are talking spiritual homes here, there is something incredibly intimate about finding a spiritual insinuation to call home, a church family that really feels like family.  

Of-course I can't blame my parents for the lack of church institution stability for more than a few years of my life, as of the age of 13 my parents gave me the choice to go to church or not. They strongly believe faith has to be chosen, and not forced and the way in which they handled me in regards to sharing their faith with me, was truly beautiful and I will be forever grateful for the freedom they gave me, but any way the point is I've had over a decade of life in which I've had the choice to be rooted in a church or not....and more often than not, I have not. 

Now before I continue, let me point out my parents are and have been stable in a church insinuation for many years now. My lack of stability in a church institution is completely my choice. 

I have had seasons of being rooted in one church for years at a time, but honestly I've spent more years in the desert place than in an institutionalized church. 

The desert place for me is the place where like the children of Israel, you have left  " Egypt and now you are on the way to your "promised land" whatever that looks like for you . 

Maybe that means that you the reader are caught between the church you left and the one you don't know you are going to wind up at, or if you have come to terms with the fact that you don't believe the same as others around you, maybe you are searching for something more, but you just as Bono sang, still haven't found what you're looking for. Or maybe still, you are caught between having been brave enough to make a decision for yourself, and the consequences are in full swing and you are just waiting for the dust to settle.

Whatever it is for you, I hope that this post is of use to you.

So then going back to my story, 

The longest stint of being in one church institution for me since my parents gave me that freedom, has been from the age of 16 - 21, I did get roots down deep enough to be involved in my church's creative arts department, I was on the welcome comity, attended youth and house groups and I was a Sunday school teacher for 3 years. I have many great friends from that church to this day and I was happy there, (despite not always agreeing with everything they taught) but towards the end of the season, everything changed. 

The pastor of the church, felt a call to evangelism and so he handed the church over to another pastoral couple. They are lovely people and if nothing else, it is fair to say, that church is still doing really well....but I wasn't destined to go to that season with them. My life was beginning to become more and more about trips to London, and eventually, I moved here.  When I got here, I did go to a church for a little while, but due to circumstances, it became increasingly harder to stay there and so right now I am in a desert season. This season has lasted 3 years and counting...and yet I am really strong in my faith. 

If you believe the popular hype, that shouldn't be the case. Apparently not having a church institution to be apart of is suppose to draw you away from Jesus not to Him. 

I sincerely and with the upmost respect I can muster, reject this teaching. 

Sometimes it is not just all the rough stuff that is drawing you to the desert it is actually Jesus himself, quietly whispering on the inside, come away with me my child. 

Now here would have been a great place to put in all that stuff about that intimate relationship with Jesus but instead....we are gonna change directions a little, and then I am gonna tie it in to what I just said, so you can see how it all fits together. 

Okay so changing directions. 

Kingdom dynamics.

What does that mean to you? 

Possibly nothing, so let me just for the sake of time brief you on this, (I will make another resource list for you a little later this week so you can research the topic further) 

When Jesus taught us to pray, in the Lords prayer found in Matthew 6, He taught us what kingdom Dynamics are all about. 

Matthew 6:9-13 New King James Version (NKJV)

In this manner, therefore, pray:
Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
10 Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.
13 And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
[a]For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

ON earth as it is in heaven...

Kingdom dynamics are all about the bringing God's will here on earth. 

When you are in that desert place it is super easy to make it all about you. YOU are going through a hard time, YOU are not sure which way to turn. YOU can't understand why this happening.

Instead make it all about JOY and make it your love-style.

Joy is JESUS

You put Jesus first, this enables you to take care of others and then as a result, your life is enriched.

This is the protocol of doing things in this life God's way, and love is at the heart of it.

I'm not talking tolerance, I am talking real, genuine love. The kind of love that gave up everything for you. If you tolerate something, you don't necessarily like it, you are just putting up with it. Choose love instead. Tolerance is nothing more than misguided grace. True grace, and true love, looks at the world around us and says okay what can I do to help make it better here.


Because we were not instructed to sit around waiting in holy huggles for the rapture to happen, we were instructed to bring HIS kingdom HERE on earth! 

Yes Jesus is coming back one day, it could be soon, but so what?

If your not doing what HE asked, 
you are not ready to meet Him face to face! 

Roll up your sleeves and start working on bringing His kingdom here on earth.

If you are in the desert, you have plenty of time for doing just this. All that time you used to spend going to church, and all the other activities associated, now you can contribute that time in to working towards heavenly goals. Bring His kingdom here on earth.

This is how my faith has been kept so strong, even-though my tent in the desert is starting to look like a house, I know one day God will release me to join a new church family, but as of now I am right where I am suppose to be. This is a season, I am not stuck. Although I don't really like it, I am content to stay in this season until God let's me move on. Right now He is teaching me some things that will be useful for the next house and season He sends me to, class is in session, I can't just get up and go to lunch!

I put Jesus first by doing daily devotionals, which enables me to think of others in all of the little ways I do that are between me and God, but also this blog, and then as a result, I know I am in the center of His will and therefore cared for.

The Joy of the Lord is truly my strength and it can be yours too.

The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Joy is my love-style!

I know this post is gonna land with a few people, but I expect that for most of you, this seams like an odd post to put on a kawaii blog, that's if you are even still here reading right now..thank you if you are. 

As I have said previously, my life is an open book and so this very personal spiritual element of simple temple living had to be covered.

I hope this helped the few of you it was suppose to reach, and for the rest of you I will see you next post with a fun little pony post! 

Until next time, take care guys! 


When Nothing Is Going Right -Resources For The Desert

It's no secret that for me this year has been pretty darling heart. (this is what we say instead of cussing)

In other-words, I have had/am having  a tough year. Much of it has been spent in what feels like a desert experience, but while pitching my tent in the desert, I have learned a fair few life lessons and gained some great resources along the way.

The lessons...well they are being compiled into another resource( I may or may not be currently working on a e-book that I'm thinking about releaing) so I won't say too much about that right now, but the resources I've come across are worth sharing, check them out below! 

Oh one more thing... NONE of these links are affiliate, I EARN NOTHING when you click a link. We have made it optional to support us financially if you so choose to via our donate button, but we don't currently have affiliate links on this site, and never will in this section.

Ok, got that out the way now I can share zi resources let's go go go!!


Blogs & Ministries 

(For Women, but she works with her husband so there are links to things for both men and woman)


Matt Redman - Blessed Be Your Name 

Ginny Owens - If You Want Me To

More Popular Than Christ - Kathleen Carnali 

This may feel like an odd choice, but it's really important when you are in the desert to be aware of what blows in the winds, don't be swayed because of your pain! Jesue knows, He care, He is with you and you WILL get through this! 

Everfound - God of The Impossible 

Toby Mac - Unstoppable

I hope these were helpful! (  Oh and quick note we have two posts out tomorrow, watch this space!)


Monday, July 9

8 Great Christian Songs To Find Peace In The Storm

Hi there, this is our first post, and to get things rolling lets start by getting some peace in our lives. Hope these tracks below inspire and encourage you as much as they do me. Since this is the first post, please note the format as this is how I intend to do things moving forward. We start with a hymn and then move to more contemporary choices as the list goes on. Much Love Hayley xXx 

"I love this old hymn I like to start these lists with a older song because I think it is important to remember where we came from and how praise and worship has changed over time, but the message still needs to be full of reverence to God" - Hayley 

Want to know more about this track? Please check out the wiki link here

If you like this then maybe you will like the album, here is the amazon link (not affiliated) 

Here's a link to Micheal's website, michaelwsmith.com

If you like this maybe it's worth checking out more about Erin here

Here's a link to Casting Crowns Website

"I love this track, it's been really useful in harder parts of the path I am walking with Jesus "
- Hayley

Another version of this song which is simply beautiful can be found here

8 Great Christian Songs To Find Peace In The Storm

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