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How I Nearly Became A Me Too Blogger (and why I'm not)

Dear "socially acceptable blogging etiquette"

This isn't working I think we need to break up.

I know you have a lot to offer with your sponsorship's and other opportunities be they financial or otherwise,  but the thing of  it is,  being with you has caused me to lose myself and that is something I'm just not okay with, like at all. Not even a little bit.

Compromising on what I stand for has never been an option for me and yet because I got lost in your ever-climbing stats  and shiny monochrome template, I somehow forget that.

 I forget that I have been brought up to stand away from the crowd even if that does mean standing alone.(if said crowd is going in a direction I don't want for myself)

I've learned a lot about myself during our time together and I have no doubt that there is someone out there perfect for you, but it's just not me.

I know that you like to know in detail why I make the decisions I do, so despite the fact I don't like to pull things apart, I will give you a couple of reasons as for why I want you out of my life.

You drain me. 

Bloggers have to wear so many hats already I don't want to add among other things working myself into the ground to gain a following that quite honestly I don't care about because they are self-interested, and most likely only followed me because they want me to follow back. 

You know what?

 I don't actually care about the numbers. I do care about my readers even if they are small in number.

 You stand for everything I hate. 

You know that I've never been the kind of girl to care much for formulas, sure tips to make life easier are great, but generally, I  live by standards that I have vetted and decided are right for me as a person. You stand for making money, which is not a bad thing of its self . 

What is completely wrong though is that making money is your main and sometimes only goal. Readers are nothing more than potential customers and you use them for this goal and then throw them out, unless they are likely to buy from you again.

 I  really hate "me too" bloggers!! - The formula of a black and white blog, blogger's picture on the right-hand side, everything uniform everything too professional and the content on said blogs is usually a copy-cat topic about something I couldn't care less about seeing again, aghh!
This just annoys me.
I know I have a simple format too, but I try my hardest to include as much colour as possible.
People that want my loyalty to their work need to produce something unique and interesting, and frankly I'm not interested in seeing the same shallow posts over and over again.
Just No! Please Stop! 

You are too controlling and I don't want the pressure blogging is supposed to be fun, and blogs should ooze personality. You pressure people into conformity because the fact is the likelihood of turning a blog into a business (or at least a part of one) without conforming seems nigh on impossible. Or at least you make it seem that way.

This makes absolutely no sense because in the world of business it is called a unique selling point, not a uniform selling point!

You make people feel like they have to be really "professional" in order to be considered worthy of readers, and that is not what blogging was created to be

Some people want to blog for fun, and that's okay but you make people like this feel like they are committing some great crime for not wanting to turn their blog into a business of sorts.

Oh and as for new bloggers?

Forget it! You have so many "rules" that new bloggers usually feel really overwhelmed and as a result, a really awesome would-be blogger may not ever get their idea of the ground because they are scared off by your etiquette and unwritten law

You big bully. 

Stop being so damn cold and unfeeling!! 

We all need each other and the little guy might actually have something to say.

So there you have it, you are too damn controlling, we have nothing in common and I don't care about what you care about so that is why I'm done with you. 

I will take the lessons you have taught me such as not being so wordy, remembering my grammar and spelling and making sure I share other people's content as well as my own on social media, but I honestly don't think there is anything else you can teach me and I really don't like you so that's it.

I hope you will be very happy with the blogger(s) that decide to conform to your rules and regulations but as for us,
We're done.