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Sort It Out September - Authentic Faith: Why I am a Christian Universalist.

 For lack of a better way of putting it, coming out as any denomination other than Christian progressive's, is met with ridicule on all sides these days. 

I attend a denominational Church, but I am in fact a Christian Universalist. I'm about to explain it. 

It used to be we could say what form of Christianity we follow and people were pretty respectful. 

Oh how the world has changed. 

Respect is long gone in so many different arenas across the world. 

Change is my specialty, but even I have to painfully sigh at some of the changes the world has gone through. 

Conventional wisdom would have me add images and links through out this post, but since when have I ever done anything the conventional way. 

Yet my life is on track to where I want it to go. Going against the grain can sometimes be the best  thing we can do, and I'm all for unique and authentic individuals expressing that, but at the core of my being, I still believe the message Jesus Christ gave, the gospel of the kingdom is about love and true light. 

I have to word it that way because I'm very aware of the nature of my audience, I know I have a lot of ex Satanists, witches, masons, secret society members reading this. 

To them I would say Christian universalism would be a fantastic fit for those of you looking to Christ, but not sure which group of people you belong with. 

I would be very cautious with progressive's Christians, if you wanna know where the wolves went, that would be their prime target. Progressive Christians are easy targets, they already align with so much of the worlds way of doing things but we are called to be different and to guard the truth carefully. 

In my honest opinion, progressive Christianity is dangerous, especially if you are hurting  or gullible, but pretty much any other group that aligns with the Christian faith can be a good fit for new believers.

I know, I know, not why you're here. 

I'll get to the point. 

Why I am a Christian Universalist

Ok to start, what Christian Universalism means to me is the idea that anyone from any walk of life can come to Jesus, there is no one path to the son, but there is only one path to the Father through the Son. 

I believe literally anyone can repent and choose to live a Christian life, and yes this includes cult members, Satanists, Witches, Masons and Secret Society members. 

Time is short now, really short. 

Jesus would include these people in the building of His church, and there are plenty of testimonies of people from all walks of life finding Christ. 

I believe that all tribes, tongues and nations should work together to build and protect the kingdom of God. 

We are all called to play a role in the body of Christ, and no one role is greater than another. It's all about building to prepare ourselves to meet our king, but also to protect and help the world we are entrusted to take care of while we live here.

We are warned not to get caught up in doctrinal disputes and disagreements in the faith, in the bible. I'm gonna be honest, I can quote scriptural and verse but I am trying to be sensitive here, if I want my work to be translated in certain nations I have no choice but to reword the word. 

I know for a fact that I have non- English speaking readers, so I try to take that into account when I am writing. 

There are plenty of blogs for English speaking people, but my blog is translatable on purpose because I have an international audience.

Every single reader is precious to me, and in a similar way every Christian, every person in the world is precious to God, that really is what it boils down to be a Christian universalist.

I may not agree with everyone's life choices but I am respectful and truly believe anyone can come to Christ.  

That it is our job to take care of one another the way that Christ instructed His Church.

If we can bring the respect back across the world, it would be a better place and I for one believe the church should be leading the way.

That's it for now.