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Wrapping Up Sort It Out September.

 Hey guys, 

Writing today feels really heavy, because the poem I shared last post felt very vulnerable. 

I hate writing heavy.

Yet, ironically, when I push past that feeling, I often find some of my best work comes out.

I'm getting into the habit of bringing out content on this blog only when its ready. 

If you follow me on social media, you  will know I put out a lot of content over on the various platforms I am on.

This is just a quick one today.

Just to say that I'm moving on from Sort it out September.

The content here will be out when it is ready, but I'm not pushing myself to write when my soul is so in need of repair. 

Its not appropriate right now to go into details. 

I'm just leading by example, and taking some time to let my soul heal before the next series on this blog.

Anyway that's it.

Take care all.