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A Quick Update

 I have got to level with you guys, if I write the post I originally had planned, I'm scared to death of loosing this blog over it.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of freedom of speech creeping in on certain platforms

Which really does leave me with a choice to make.

This isn't easy because I'm in the awkward teen years in blog years. I have been at this for fifteen years now. 

I have stayed intentionally smallish because I NEVER want to loose the personal touch.

Now though its time to pivot and grow. 

The thing is the content here has been designed to provoke thought.

If I'm honest, the world is going in a very different direction then the one we're headed here on Daisy Change so I have to do what is right for the this blog, even if it does mean loosing half my audience.

See, it's not as simple as just writing what I want, because again we are very much in an age where we really have to watch what we say online. 

So what to do?

You just saw me do it. 

I made my struggle the post. 

I have touched on why I'm changing direction with my content and yes that does mean a new look, we need to embrace the pastel more for the vibe I'm going for. 

I need my work to be true to my voice but also, I really want you guys to get something out of it. 

Thing is, the natural evolution of this blog is that we have landed very happily over on social media. 

We are there more then here.

There will still be content going forward here, but not nearly as much as I there will be over on my socials. 

I think that's it.

This was just an update.

Take care and as always,