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Why I'm taking a break from blogging.

This post is so rough it's written on my tablet. 
I'm going to keep it short. 
Blogging is not what it used to be. 
It used to be a very casual but mildly still professional space but alas post pandemic the world has changed. 
You need to run a blog as a business these days not like one. Even a hobby blog has to follow certain business etiquette to even get a chance at being read. 
Fortunately for my readers, I've no problem with upping my game so that my blog is opporating at the professional standards it should be. 
But that's not everyone. Not everyone has the time to learn all the skills to make their blog a success.
I really wish people would stop saying that anyone can do this because truthfully we don't live in a equal opportunity world. 
I have skills gaps to take my blog to the next level so I'm taking a break from blogging to solve this. 
I'm also really not happy with the direction of this blog. Need to rethink and portentionaly rebrand. 
Hope you understand , I realize I'm going to loose a lot of readers by taking a break but it can't be helped.