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Concepts We Build On - J.I.V.E (Joy, Integrity, Vibrancy, Encouragement)

Hey awesome reader, thanks for coming back.

Today we would like to introduce the pillars we built our foundations on. If you have read are introductions post then you will know we love acronyms around here, and our blogs' pillars are based on this.

So to do this, we are now going to look at each word and what it means in the context we use it. Then we will look at a few other little things that tie up what we build our blog on.

The Pillar of Joy

Our first word is Joy, we did say that this could be an acronym of its own we will get to that in a moment.

Joy to us is about chasing fulfillment not happiness. We need it to be our strength when things are not going so well, it is not just a feeling it is a lifestyle.

We haven't made it a secret that Christian faith-based elements will be incorporated into this blog from time to time and the concept of joy for us is the faith-based pillar we build on. 

Building on the concept of simple temple living we talked about the last post, joy represents the spiritual element of our pillars. We put Jesus first, then the fun stuff can follow.

Joy as an acronym stands for


We put Jesus first, and so we take care of others, but in order to do this we need to take care of ourselves so we are able to handle taking care of others.

You have to take care of yourself or else you won't be effective at caring for others or building a relationship with/serving Jesus. 

Rest is super important and this element allows us to build our little blogger house in a state of calm.

The Piller of Integrity.

In an age when super polished youtube videos and crazy- profitable blogging is a thing, it can be easy for people to lie about pretty much anything for money.

That will never be us.

If you sell your integrity, how exactly are people suppose to trust you?

Even when we do bring out products, do collaborations or encourage you to follow an affiliate link, we will do our best to get you a super sweet deal from an individual or business we actually trust ourselves.

If they do something to lose our trust more than once, we will no longer support them because we want to take extra special care of our awesome readers and to be honest, anything less wouldn't feel right to us.

We believe in transparency and authenticity is a dying art, we don't want to contribute to making it extinct online.

This is the soul element and pillar of our little blogger house.

The Piller of Vibrancy

So as is probably obvious, this is the body element of our little blogger house.

If you think about it though, this doesn't just cover our physical body, but the environment we live in also.

Everything we do on this site is going to have a fun, vibrant vibe to it.


Well, we happen to think that fun can be injected into just about anything, and life throws us enough hardships without us adding to our own sorrows by not choosing to see the glass half full.

Going back again to simple temple living, this does also mean that we will be recommending fun self-care, products, and quirky fun items for your home and wardrobe. 

Expect to see cosplay, blind bags and lots of other happy vibe items recommended here for the young and young at heart. ( age is just a number to us remember)

Also on this note, this would be a really great place to let you know that Lambi-Lambs is our blog mascot. She and her friends will be hanging out here to help us explain our points in various posts and to be your personal cheerleader as you learn to dance with life, but more on this later.

Right now we need to move onto the 4th pillar. of little blog house.

The Pillar of Encouragement

So we have already covered body, soul and spirit in our simple temple living pillars, so what could possibly be left?


As we hinted at just a moment ago, our goal is to be your personal cheers leaders as you learn to dance with life. I, (Hayls) am a born encourager.

Nothing comes more naturally to be then complimenting others and helping them to see how awesome they are.

 In the name of authenticity and because being kind can go along way in this world, everything we share with you will be done with a tone of encouragement because we believe that you are worth it.

We don't take for granted the fact that you are choosing to spend some time with us, so we make it our mission to make you feel really special for as long as you choose to follow our work. 

Encouragement is the pillar that holds the other 3 in place and together these 4 pillars lead to the final concept we need to talk about.

It's time to put it all together, it's time to post. 

See you then guys!