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Alterations - Day 2 - H is for Hope Cautiously

Morning all, hope you slept well.

Today we are going to talk about the mindset you need to successfully navigate changes in life.

If you are going to get from this season to the next, you need hope.

Okay so this one doesn't apply to our business example as much as the life and art one so let's get that out of the way first.

If you are looking to start a new business, hope for the best but absolutely put fail safes in place in case it doesn't work out or  the worst happens.

Hope is not foolish. Hope knows that the thing it is aiming for may or may not happen, it just chooses to think the best of the situation.

Don't go into a new business thinking that it can never work, because you won't put the work in to it to make it work if you don't believe in your busies/dream.

It's okay to be scared, especially if this is your first business or the stakes are high for you, but that fear should not be the driving force. You need to find the good in the situation, even if you are not sure this new venture is going to work. For this I use two business tools that are awesome for the new startups. Peter Jones Business Guide and a SWOT analysis The swot analysis won't only show you where your competition is so you can work out a strategy to beat it, but also it will show your opportunities  and and help you realise how much you really do have in your hand right now.

This will bring hope to your heart and your head and with that, you could be unstoppable.

Now on to our second example.

How can you use your art to inspire hope?

Again ground level zero make a playlist to help you get there. Or if you prefer you can come follow me on Spotify and check out my lists.

Then make an inspiration board. This is similar to a vision board, (we talked about this last post) but it's different in that we aren't looking at what we are going to achieve we are looking at things that inspire us to work on it right now.

Another great tip is if you did get a journal going, then add some hopeful inspiring bookmarks to that, so that every time you see your journal you are given a quick dose of hope.

I also use my laptop desktop to put up a image of something that inspires me to keep going.

Again Pinterest can be great for making this kind of board, but be careful, there is such thing as inspiration hangover.

Well, I think that's enough for you to have fun playing around with today.

I will see you tomorrow.

Have a great day guys!