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Ok time for the rest of my readers to have a post addressed to them. I have already done a post for the Christian readers but this one is for those of you who are interested in understanding more about Christianity but you don't want a one sided  approach to the topic.

Firstly to get this started, I am a Christian, but that doesn't mean I have to write a post that is designed to get you to convert so before I even start let me explain why I am doing this. 

I believe that faith is only real when you have found it for yourself. No one can push faith on anyone else, no one can convert anyone no matter what tactics it just doesn't work. If you decide to come to decide Christianity is for you, then I want you to be able to do so knowing that it was your choice no one pushed you into it or scared you into it or the like. I know I have people reading this that have no interest in choosing Christianity as a walk of life but you are interested in knowing more about Christianity in terms of what Christians actually believe and the way in which we think. Some people just genuinely have an interest in understanding other people from all walks of life, some of those people sent me messages asking for this post so here it is. 

Side note, I am very interested in making posts that my readers actually want to read, I will interact with tweets, messages, comments and the questions of my readers to the best of my ability because I want everyone who reads my blog to know they are valued. 

Anyway, getting back on topic

So you want to know about Christianity? 

Well the first thing you need to understand is that you can learn about Christianity regardless of your life choices and views and most of us will actually be more then happy to answer your questions with a fairly open mind and without judging you. It is only the minority of quite frankly religious nuts that let down the rest of us. 

Second thing to know, we are human too. Although are way of doing things may seem strange to you as may are thoughts and convictions, we all have our own minds. Christianity has many different groups within the church structure, all of which have different interpretations and ways of expressing their faith. We all have a very basic foundation in common though which is made up of 3 things.

We all believe in God 
We all have our own way of expressing worship for God and/or serving Him.
We all believe in Jesus as the son of God and that he died on the cross for our sins so we can be reconciled to God. Most of us believe Jesus is now alive, but some groups do not. 

Christianity is like other religions in that all religions have their own practices and ways of living and basic moral framework.

Christianity is not like in other religions in that Christianity is the only religion that believes in only one God and that this God is alive today. The religion of Christianity is dead without the living person of Jesus Christ who we believe we have a relationship with, which sounds strange I know but its about faith. 

Regardless of your faith there is no way of proving faith. You either believe or you don't. Even if there is all the evidence in the world, if someone chooses not to believe in something then they just won't. So faith is a choice and it is the choice to believe in Jesus and the choice to have faith in Christianity aswell as the Christ of the Christianity that is what this life style is about. 

We believe God is a God of love and He loves you. However, if you don't believe in Him that statement will mean nothing to you which is why I am stating it is what we believe not what is the case. 

Many intellectuals were/are also Christian.

Intellect and logic can work with Christianity but it is not something that can be explained only experienced, which is where faith comes in and may seem like the biggest cop out ever, but that really is how it works.

Christianity is about hope, faith love and peace but it is certainly not by any means an easy life choice. 

Throughout history Christians have been persecuted and there is still persecution going on today, although in most cases it is in a far more subtle form. 

The reason that we put up with that though is because we  believe what we experience and have with Jesus in the picture is so amazing that it is worth it no matter what. 

On the flip side of this, we do also believe in the devil, we believe in a spirit world and that there is a war going on.

 I know I am being very brief here but all I aim to do in this post is give you some thoughts to help you get started/continue on your quest to find out more about this religion/faith. If you want to know more about the dark side though, you can find that in my devils tool box series on this blog. 

The bottom line of what we believe is that Jesus is the light that overcomes the darkness of this world, He is the star that leads you home.

At this point I am going to leave it there, although I have only scratched the surface. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have,

but until next time.

Take care,

Love Hayley