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Letters To Life 4 - Finding Me in You.

Dear Life,
You taught me last year that sometimes there is more freedom in silence than words. You and i have many secrets and I think I'm finally okay with that. I used to find it hard to keep things to myself because I craved Peoples approval, these days though ,I am more than happy to live for the audience of one. 

 I'm learning what it means to be gracefully bold.  I didn't know that such a thing existed but it does.  

I am finally at a place where I can love people from both sides of the coin. 

I can encourage, inspire, compliment and build up in love but I can also speak the truth, even if its hard to hear, I care about what happens to those put on my path, both in this life and the next and nothing brings me more joy than loving people hard-core. 

Being prepared to get into the mess, not judge but gently help girls that are where I once was to a place where they can stand and look themselves square in the mirror and see the beauty that God created, there in their eyes. 

 The older I get, the more my passion for this grows. It feels life, like this is what I was born to do, so no more games than, there's work to do. I am on a mission and I won't quit until its finished!

I love you life, you are amazing!  

Your ups and downs all lead around this winding road to new challenges, new blessings and new ground. You and I know where I am right now, I never ever thought I would ever be right at this point. 

Yet here I am. 2015 is going to be amazing, I can feel it in my code! I know Jet may show is ugly mutt face from time to time but I will always fight to win and I am all in on making Daisy Change an encouragement center to act as spring-board to greater things for my awesome readers!

Anyways, enough talk, let's make it happen!

Love Hayley