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Letters To Life 6 - Run Devil Run!

Dear life, wow what a roller-coaster the past few years have been. I've tried so many doors, failed and bounced back so many times, I could probably give Tigger a run for his money! I've learned so much in that time, you taught me some tough lessons, but I'm finally standing in the position I've dreamt of all my life. I know who I am and what I'm about but what's more I now know what I was created for. There is nothing more fulfilling then doing the thing you were designed to do, and now I finally get it, even my pain makes sense!
In order to explain what on earth I'm even on about I will have to remind you life of the journey you have taken me on that led to this point. As you know I just had my blogger birthday, in preparation for that I did something very dangerous...I googled my teenage self. Through doing this I was reminded of the passion and pursuits I had back then. It is true that for most of us, the most passionate we will ever be is when we are in our teen years. Youth on a mission is bad news for the darkness of this world, they can do real damage or real good if they put their mind to it. I should know, I use to be one of them. Somehow, between the pressures of growing up and typical early twenties issues like self discovery and just wanting to be young and enjoy life, I lost sight of the causes I cared so passionately about when I was younger. It's not that I didn't care, because I always did and still do, it's more that I forgot the fact I have a voice and that matters.  Ive listened to so many opinions in the last few years I completely lost sight of my own!  So then life lets remind you (and the future me  should I ever forget again) who I am and what I'm about and actually think about things.
It started with a book.  Be the Change by Zach Hunter.  I read it when I was sweet sixteen, in college hurting because I had only just started my healing journey but so on fire for God and passionately seeking to make the world a better place, or at very least my world a better place. I had a burning desire to start a project to connect the hurting teens at my college with people who could actually help them. I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to stand for those that felt like they couldn't. I wanted to be an arrow or a hand, acting as a first step to recovery and helping people start their own healing journey and if they found Jesus along the way that was even more awesome!  After reading Zach Hunter's book. I did just that. It inspired me no end. In the time my project Beauty From Beneath The Scars was running we helped over 500 people get started on their healing journeys. It was challenging, especially since I had work, college, family and church commitments to think about and I was insane amounts of inner pain, looking back I'm sure God was in it and is the only reason I got through all that. It's still amazing to know that  this is my reality, and will forever be a part of my story. I feel so, so blessed and privileged  to know that but it's not enough. I'm still breathing and there is still work to be done and I really want to get stuck in again.
Anyway back on point, I put my passion for healing on the shelf for many years but now 10 years on, that passion has woken up inside of me and I can barely contain it!!
How this happened needs to be forever recorded in another letter, I genuinely believe my story may help someone else realise they are closer to the breakthrough they long for then they think.
So then life,  I will write you again tomorrow but for now I'm in London, the sun is shining and this little break was needed.
Catch you later,
Love Hayley