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Letters To Life 8 - Let's Talk About The Simple Life.

Okay life, I must have been walking around with a massive blind-spot since starting this site. You know I always reserve the right to grow and change, I think that you become the best version of yourself by learning from others success and failure and your own, and Daisy Change has always been built around the word authenticity. This is old news to you, but you recently taught me a lesson that changes the game of how I see the rest of my life and the overall direction of how I want my blog to go.
There is a massive difference between authenticity, perfection and saying too much. I intend to write a post about this as part of my April series so I won't bore you with the details right now.
Here's the last overly TMI statement to ever be written on Daisy Change ( if I can help it) I long for simplicity but up till this point my life has been overly complicated, and I know I have contributed to this. I am currently sitting a tiny bedroom that is full of clutter and junk. I had a massive shopping binge at the end of my week helping that family member move. After sleeping on an arm-chair, not eating properly and dealing with the challenges of helping an older person move and live with them whilst doing this, I really did feel like I needed to blow off some steam! The new stuff I have is not junk, but I am determined that since I have bought new things that I have to get rid of some old things to make room for them. The problem is, clutter has always been a problem for me. Believe me it runs in my blood and I would love to blame that, but my brother  and certain other family members have worked extra hard to break the trend in their lives and I really want to follow that awesome example. That's the whole reason why I decided to spend a whole month writing about altering your life for the better. I am currently in the middle of simplifying my own life and in order to buck the trend of starting this process, finding something " I forgot I had but love" and spending hours on using said new thing, I have given myself a deadline to get my life simplified by the end of April.
Life we are now over half way through the month and I am beginning to feel the pressure of my own goal. I know I can do it, but I have lost a week working on this and actually in some respects my shopping binge ( which is really not like me) was  a bit of a set back.  I'm a little frustrated, but never the less today is a new day and I will get back on track today. Procrastination doesn't even get a look in, you know how I feel about that life.
Another thing I've been thinking about is writing a simple blog, should be far less wordy. Simple things are usually short and sweet but looking back on my posts they are rather long and in some respects a bit complicated. I don't mind my letters to you being long life, because in reality my letters are only a snip-it of the paths you have me walk but as far as my other posts are concerned, I want to set up a new policy to ensure reading my posts on advantage takes less than 5 minutes at maximum but aim for less than 2 minutes.  I know I worded that weird, but this whole simple thing is really something I am only really learning about.  I guess my blog is authentic in that it records my journey to simplicity as it happens. Then when I reach my goal of simplicity, it will be all about maintaining it and I will be in position to share more of what I have learned. In other-words, Daisy Change is only going to grow, just like a flower.
Anyway, I think that's about it, I'm gonna start tackling the boxes of paper on my desk now.
Catch you later life,
Love Hayley