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7 Reasons I love Being The Queen Of My Business.

Hello there!

Welcome to a very festive Daisy Change, we have plans for a Christmas series this year and so we just got done decorating our site ahead of that. (Also if you are here for the sweet Amazon deals, skip to point 7)


This post is close to my heart and so I really hope that you can find some value in it.

During holiday season, it can be very hard to stay focused on work when all you really want to do is enjoy the festivities.

We all gotta make the moneys though in order to do all of those fun things, and so we need to focus on work just a while longer. My aim with this post is to help you take stock of where you blog/business is right now so that can you get ahead start of planning something epic for next year.

 Now I know I may have gone an odd way about doing this but, I wanted to have fun with it.

 So enjoy!

 This is 7 reasons why I love being the queen of my blog/business.

Hopefully this will inspire you to keep working on your own Queendom instead of getting distracted by literally all the pretty shinnies that are outside right now.

 Let's go!

1 Freedom.

Ask any business owner and they will tell you, that despite the fact that being your own boss is hard at times and often very unpredictable work, we wouldn't change it for anything because the freedom that comes with this life, is priceless.

Not only do we have the freedom to set out own hours, we have the freedom to lean in to our authentic selves in a way that other career paths just don't allow. Then there's the freedom to stand for what we chose to, to run our businesses the way we see fit to do so, and then my favorite thing of all, the freedom to be as creative as we want to be, but more on that later.

Bottom line the number one thing most business owners will tell you they love about their business is the freedom it gives them to rock life their way!

2 No Glass Celing.

You could say this relates to that freedom thing, and it does, but this still deserves its own section because the impact of not having any cap on earning potential has more benefits to it than just the freedom. Working for someone else means they set the terms of payment. Being my own boss means that I get paid based on what I put into my business. I don't have to have just one income stream (and I don't) and I get to mix it up when it comes to the type of work I do, how I get paid and how often.

If I am happy to work for chocolate I can. If I am cool with doing surveys that lead to store vouchers I can totes do that. Paypal, or bank transfer, or even just working for the fun of it, it's all up to me and this is something that has made me far more responsible with my finances, than any other job could. I am pretty darn confident of that!

3 Creative As I wanna be

In case you didn't already know, I am a proud pegasister. The Brony community rocks!

 (Basically bronies are  adult My Little Pony fans, because the story telling is stellar, the art is awesome and the characters are oh so relatable, despite what you may think, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has got a little something for everyone, age is not a factor)

Anyway, one of the characters, Rainbow Dash, has a popular line in the show "awesome as I wanna be" I am borrowing the format of that one-liner to explain this point.

A picture of Rainbow Dash looking awesome as she wants to be! 

Being the Queen of my business means that I can be as creative as I wanna be. I happen to be fortunate enough to be multi-talented, and being the boss of the business means that I can choose to showcase any of my skills at any point. I love arts and crafts, and music is my mayhem, but as you can probably tell, I also love writing and doing digital art, I get to incorporate all of these into my business and that is awesome! 

4 A Community That Cares.

The online blogger and business community is really unique. It is a tribe of tribes, so everyone can find a place in this vast, but brilliant community. If you are stuck on something, you can hit up twitter and someone is sure to know how to do the thing your stuck on, and people tend to be really nice about helping each other out. I've made some really lovely blogger friends this way.

Also since this industry is all about thems good vibes, people tend to be a lot more understanding when you find that actually, you really just can't do the you find something else to do and its all sunshine and Jaffa Cakes again!

5 Challenges Keep Me On My Toes

So to be real, challenges tend to arise a little more often that I would like, but it does stretch me and force me to step up to levels I never thought possible.

At present I am currently sitting at just under 20,000 subscribers and regular viewers across all of my social media platforms, that number would have scared me even a year ago. I am however all about publishing quality content and that has attracted so many awesome readers that I feel so privileged for every one of you. 

I bring this up however, because believe it or not I am really not that social in my every day life. I am actually really introverted, but the social aspect of this blogger world has forced me to put myself out there a lot more and this leads me on to my next reason for loving my Queendom.

6 Self Growth

Not only has being the Queen of my business forced me to be more social, it has also taught me many other skills that are just really good for life. I've learnt the value of consistency, creating quality content and not being afraid to ask for help when stuck, just to name a few.

Bloggers and business owners have to wear an awful lot of hats. Being the Queen of the business means I have to oversee, the design, content creation, social accounts, and do all the behind the scenes stuff life secure the site and balance the books. These are all skills I learnt through my blogger journey and they are skills that set me up for working on other areas of life.

7 Opportunities To Give Back Are Endless.

The absolute best thing about being the queen of my business means I have so many different options to help others, which is hands down the thing that makes me feel most fulfilled in life. I write my posts for free, they will always be full of value because I am on a mission to leave this world a better place by the time it's time to fly. I try to offer up as many resources to valuable information as I possibly can and that's awesome. I'd like to think I lead by example in exhibiting and teaching the joy life, but recently I have also decided to take on some other things that now seams like the perfect time to talk about.

You may notice this site now has a few Amazon affiliate links here and there, we have already listed this in our policies, but the main reason we agreed to this is because Amazon gives us the opportunity to plug some more resources and cool things we believe in. If you shop at Amazon anyways, why not take advantage of the cool offers we have live on Daisy Change because of our partnership with Amazon?

You'll find links at the top of this page, and in the side bar, but just to make it that bit easier for you, here's a link to our favourite deals on Amazon right now. 

You'd be getting a sweet deal, well also supporting Daisy Change so we can keep churning out quality content!

If you have been here for any length of time you know sales posts are not our thing, but at-least now we have covered this base and now we can get back to those free, fabulous quality posts we usually do.

If you can think of any other way we can serve you let us know below!