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Now here comes the most tragic story, 
I knew the one shining in glory.

I've felt the warmth of love like no other. 
I remember the day I got pulled from the gutter. 
I stood up, with the help of my Lord.

But let's be real, then I got broken, then I got board.
I thought, rapture was imminent years ago.
Thirty years later and I'm still waiting for the start of the show!

Money answers all things, 
But, each time I lead a sheep a stray my soul stings!

I understand how Judas must have felt,
and now I'm awaiting a burning punishment for pain that I've dealt. 
But mercy is everlasting and I'm still here. 

Maybe grace really is a licence to sin, maybe I'm fine.
So, go on then dark one, for a billion bucks more I will take a sip of your wine. 

And yet..

Despite all that has been going on, 
If I'm feeling this convicted, can I really be too far gone?

Copyright Hayley Esther 19.08.2019