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The Witches Confession

 The Witches Confession. 

They say Christian witches don't exist, but surprise here I am! 

Fancy a bottle of oil, a prayer cloth?

 Some Holy wine? 

For a price of course! 

If this didn't make me rich,

Do you really think I would be a witch?

The power is my drug!

The devil's just a thug!

Who says I can't play with his toys? 

I thought you said I could do anything through the strength of Christ. 

If I'm really honest, when I'm alone at night.

I know I've embraced Jezebel. 

You see I need protection from all the bugs.

They say raped not ruined but have you seen my life?! 

It's been so tragic, so full of strife. 

So what else is a girl to do?

I'm safe now, you can't take this girl boss crown!! 

I'm a witch on a mission,

 and the last thing on my mind is submission! 

Copyright Hayley Esther 16.08.2019