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Shifting Focus

How has two months passed without posting? 

That's crazy! 

Just a quick one today because I have to share something burning on my heart, not sure how this is going to go. 

What do you do when you know you have a lot to give but you don't have the right connections to make it happen? 

So often in life it's who we know not what we know that moves the needle on big projects.

Everything is marketing. 

You market wrong, your project will yield crickets. 

You teach your audience what to expect by what you allow. How you allow yourself to be treated. 

I've given this alot of thought and I'm not happy with the I have personally taught people to treat my blog.

I made a choice, to talk about things that are taboo. With that decision comes shadow banning from the algorithm. 

Still my stats are good, I have around two  thousand readers a month. 

Not the biggest blog in the world but still it's healthy. I cherish every view. 

However, we have infact hit a cross roads. 

When I was younger I could get away with the edger content but now I'm older, I gave to think about my image especially for the working world. 

It's time to take daisy change to the next level. So I've done something unexpected, I split my content and moved the lighter content to a professional website so that I can serve two audiences. 

When I think of daisies I think fresh light and not heavy. When i think of daisy change, I think of change management through all that life throws at us. 

So from now on I want to go harder on the not for polite conversation subjects here, while maintaining a more aity professional attitude on the main website. 

Welcome to daisy changes secret hang out. 

Let's talk.