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Burning Ivory Towers (How The Dragon Lost His Power)

Before we get started does anyone want to leave? 

 Okay that's the nerves in check. I have to be brave now and pull the trigger.

Let me start by saying that I am what the Father says I am. 

The following is designed only to make sense to those with eyes to see. 

I sincerely believe that risking it all is the right call. 

I'm super calculated, but sometimes you have to take twenty seconds of insane courage, throw caution to the wind and just feel the fear and fly... 

With that, said...

 Poetry time! 

Burning Ivory Towers 

 I made the one eye bink, 

So that you don't have to shake and wink.

This is the reason I came to this land, 

nice to meet you I'm a fire brand. 

Bought by the blood of the lamb of God, 

I'm aware my my path looks super odd. 

But you're welcome friend, give God alone the glory. 

I want only your liberty, not your praise. 

See I'm promised to this mission for all my days. 

I was born to be a light, so join me let's fight the good fight,

And finally make the shadow people say good night. 

Surprise! I'm not like Jonah at all, I'm actually a willing vessel.

Now walls of darkness fall! 

Copyright Hayley Esther 28.01.19