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Depression Sucks And So Does This Post (Proberly)

Disclaimer :Since it's the age of triggered, I will give you 3 potential triggers for this post, but if you trigger easy you likely don't wanna read this so see you tomorrow if you come back. 

Potential Triggers: Sucide/Depression /Real Talk

Right guys, let me straight today I don't feel like writing....I don't wanna be a real downer especially now the sun is finally starting to show up around here but I just got a word that a  friend of mine has committed suicide.

At this point, I've just about had enough of getting messages like this, because I've had more in my young life than I care to admit. To be authentic today, I can't in good consciences  (yeah big word and what? I'm so not in the mood to edit myself right now) put up the happy post I was going to do so instead. I'm fighting back!

Depression that is.

I am fighting depression back because it sucks, and while it may be a part of the whole grieving thing. it's also had way too much of my life and time and I'm just done taking it. 

I don't know if this post will help anyone, but if gives someone flirting with jumping off the edge a much needed wakeup call. Good. 

If you are sucidal or depressed today consider this a cold glass of water in your face!

Wake up! We are here and we want to help you!! If you feel like you have no one else, reach out to one of these awesome helplines if you are here in the UK, if not then please google for help in your area, there are lots of great places set up all over the world to help. (this post is not affiliated or paid for by these helplines. I just really trust them personally)

Of course, I am gonna be there for my friend's family and I'm sad at the loss of my friend, but I have been hit with depression ,many, many times before and there are so many articles on how I overcame it and fight it when it shows up, right on this site.

Here's a few. If they help awesome! That's why I wrote them. I removed the affiliate links because of the nature of this situation (I can do little more to help my griving friends from a distance and we scattered all over the place)

The thing is though guys if there is one take away from this sad time and day is that when life hits us, it's up to us how we choose to take the hand we get dealt. My friend made a perment decision that transfered his pain to all of his loved ones and he didn't reach out. He carried his pain alone, even though he didn't have to.  If you feel like he did just know that life is worth living and there is hope, never loose sight of that, suicide is damn destructive to all those left  behind! 

No matter how bad the pain is, it gets better in time trust me. 

My advise to all of you is if you are grieving today, that's okay, but this season will pass in time.

There's the generic statement, now for something more meaningful..

It's also totes okay to feel really rubbish even when the sunshine is out!

Your emotions are valid. You matter and you are worth taking care of, especially when you are hurting. Never forget that, and go fight to win at life like you mean it, because it's the only one you get and it won't last forever. (again, I'm not editing myself today)

Okay that's it for today. Enjoy the posts I did way back when, they probs have way more value than this.

Take it easy guys!

Got a complaint or comment? Let me know below and let's all together grow!

P.s If I'm not up to writing anymore this week. I won't. I have to take care of my own heart and I only want to publish content of value. Hope you guys understand!