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Move From Stuck To Seasonal

There is so much pain holding the walls up, in a rut.

There’s the pain of what could have been or should be. 

There's the pain of confusion, not knowing how to get up, or for that matter which way is up. 

There’s the pain of feeling like a burden to friends and family, the pain of guilt, the pain of apathy and so on.

 In short being in a rut = pain.

 Being in a rut is one thing, but feeling stuck in that rut is a whole other level of pain, confusion and generally unpleasant emotions.

If you’re reading this and I just described you, then you likely don’t feel awake enough do too much reading today, so I will keep this short and get straight to the point.

You may be in a rut but you don’t have to stay there.

You may feel stuck, but that doesn’t mean you are. 

The fact is rubbish times happen to everyone, we all go through stages where we wish things would move a little bit faster like life is not being fair and the world seems to be against us, this is a normal part of the human experience. 

Granted, some of us go through harder things than others, and there are other elements to consider when looking at this whole topic (like tragedy, mental illness and emotional makeup)but generally, what it all boils down to is life sucks sometimes and when It does, it’s really easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like there is no way out but our feelings lie.

I hope you are ready for this because I am about to hand you a key that may just change your life.

The number one secret to getting out of a rut is to stop seeing yourself as stuck and start seeing yourself as just in a tough season. 

Seasons change, life moves and we all grow older with time. If you are convinced you are stuck you won’t see the way out even if it is offered to you so change that thinking right now.

Yes, it really is as easy as deciding to change your mind on this.  Believe me, it will change your life, just like it did mine

I know when you're feeling low it's easy to feel like nothing will work, and even if you do change your mind the feeling may not catch up right away, but this is all about doing the right thing for your despite your feelings. 

Don't let yourself make justifiable excuses because you are not the only person that will hurt. The next articles (which are free for you to read, but a lot of work for me to prepare I might add) here are designed to help you get your life moving in a direction that will satisfy you, but I needn't bother if you won’t first just make this change.

Use your logic. 

Even if you're in the depths of a really dark depression, you can still manage one tiny little thing to help get yourself moving out of your rut, you are not stuck, you’re just in a tough season and wiggling your little finger may be all you can manage right now but just wiggle anyway, because it will give you the confidence to wiggle your other fingers, then your hand then maybe in a few days this will lead to using those fingers to pick up the phone and call someone to help you move forward with your dream. 

The fact you are reading this right now tells me you still got some fight in you, so give yourself a pat on the back. You can get up, even if it is one tiny step at a time.

You are not stuck, you’re shuffling, you’re shifting, you’re moving.

You are navigating through a season right now. If it is raining in your life, the sun will come out sooner or later and the sun always shines brighter after the storm.

See you next post,

Love Hayley