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Move From Happiness To Fulfillment

People that chase happiness will never be happy for very long because it's more about the chase than the object in question.

Happiness is an emotion, it comes and goes because life is up and down. 

Chasing happiness usually leads to unhealthy people with dead dreams and more debt then they know what to do with!

I am not suggesting that the desire to be happy or even the pursuit of happiness is wrong .

What I am against is, the idea that life is all about happiness, that we should be aiming for it in every area of our lives and if we don't somehow that makes us a failure and if we can't hold on to happiness, well then that is even worse!

Happiness is an emotion, it is fleeting, I like to think of it like a butterfly, here one moment, gone the next.


Chasing happiness will never bring fulfilment, it will lead to frustration. 

You would be much better of chasing fulfilment. It is possible to be  fulfilled but not happy. Chasing fulfilment requires work, sweat, and tears but it is an attainable goal that it is possible to hold on to, unlike happiness. 

Even if you are fulfilled in a job or relationship, you are still going to get your down days, but that deep knowing that what you are chasing is right for you, regardless of how you feel right now, will help you to stick it through the rough patches and make it to the mountaintop. 

Yes life still throws stuff at us, but from personal experience I have learned that I am happy a lot more of the time by living this way because I am doing the things I love and I have no doubt if you started to chase fulfilment too, you would be happy a lot more by default too.

Chasing Happiness is a rabbit hole, it can be a seemingly bottomless pit. Working on things that will fulfill you is like building a house on strong foundations. It may take a while and require more of you but in the long run, it's far more worth it.