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When Nothing Is Going Right -Resources For The Desert

It's no secret that for me this year has been pretty darling heart. (this is what we say instead of cussing)

In other words, I have had/am having a tough year. Much of it has been spent in what feels like a desert experience, but while pitching my tent in the desert, I have learned a fair few life lessons and gained some great resources along the way.

The lessons...well they are being compiled into another resource( I may or may not be currently working on an e-book that I'm thinking about releasing) so I won't say too much about that right now, but the resources I've come across are worth sharing, check them out below! 

Oh, one more thing...I use viglink. Check my policies or the sidebar for details.

Ok, got that out the way now I can share zi resources let's go go go!!



Blogs & Ministries 

(For Women, but she works with her husband so there are links to things for both men and woman)


Matt Redman - Blessed Be Your Name 

Ginny Owens - If You Want Me To

More Popular Than Christ - Kathleen Carnali 

This may feel like an odd choice, but it's really important when you are in the desert to be aware of what blows in the winds, don't be swayed because of your pain! Jesus knows He care, He is with you and you WILL get through this! 

Everfound - God of The Impossible 

Toby Mac - Unstoppable

I hope these were helpful! (  Oh and quick note we have two posts out tomorrow, watch this space!)